Induction timetable

Please find your induction timetable below. Links to all recorded sessions can be found in the timetable.

Please find your induction timetable here.

For support in accessing Microsoft Teams or MyWebinar, please find our IT support document here.

Once you complete your induction week, please complete and submit this checklist.

Monday 21st September: The GIS Executive Summit (on-campus)

Along with a warm welcome from GIS President Sharona Friedman, we’re delighted to bring you the GIS Executive Summit as part of this year’s induction. Hosted by the BBC’s Mark Clemmit, this on-campus event will help prepare you for your personal journey through the Master’s degree and teach you key skills to maximise your employment prospects upon graduating. From personal branding to presentation skills, this introduction to life at the Global Institute of Sport will help to prepare you for the world of sports leadership.

If you are unable to attend the GIS Executive Summit in person, this will also be available online. Please complete this form to confirm if you will be attending in person.

Tuesday 22nd September: Your academic welcome (on-campus)

Getting you all set for your studies, today is the start of this year’s academic journey with UCFB’s Global Institute of Sport. Along with a welcome from our Head of Academics and your Programme Leader, we will introduce you to key departments that will help you along the way as well as provide you with the tools you’ll need to succeed in your IT induction.

If you are unable to attend the academic welcome in person, this will also be available online. Please complete this form to confirm if you will be attending in person.

Wednesday 23rd September: Coaches kick off our LaLiga Summit

This year will host the inaugural LaLiga Summit, co-organised by the Educational Department of LaLiga, LaLiga Business School, across three days during your induction week. This exclusive event will give you access to some of the brains behind Spanish football’s leading division. Hosted virtually, the summit will look at three aspects of the football business - The Pitch, The Boardroom, The Industry – and how LaLiga is facing up to the new season post-COVID-19. Representatives from the Premier League and MLS will also be in attendance to offer further expert insight on the new sporting landscape and how clubs, players and fans will play their part in the immediate future of the game. The full list of LaLiga Summit speakers will be confirmed before the event and we’ll email you to let you know.

Day 1 of the LaLiga Summit is the coaching special, ‘The Pitch’. From new training regimes to innovative group methods, this session will look at coaching and player development across the three leagues and how those concerned have adapted to the new ‘normal’. 

Thursday 24th September: Your insight into the boardroom

Our Careers Coaches will take a look at where you want to get to and help you strategise how you’re going to get there. In addition, day 2 of the LaLiga Summit shines a spotlight onto life in the boardrooms of elite sports organisations. The panel will look at how clubs have adapted their marketing and business strategies in an environment where fans cannot attend matches and interact with their clubs.

Friday 25th September: The start of your Global Institute of Sport journey

GIS Director of Education & Experience Sarah Tudor will lead a session around the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to show the psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. You’ll also receive access to our Employability & Enrichment hub, your gateway to a world of exciting enrichment opportunities in the sports industry, as well as a time management masterclass to prepare you for life as a Master’s student.

Your induction week will conclude with day 3 of the exclusive LaLiga Summit. This session will focus on leadership and governance, taking a deeper look at the effectiveness of this in the football industry during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as what’s needed from those in-charge to ensure the industry survives the coming season.

Academic timetable

Your 2020/21 semester dates can be found here.

Teaching timetables will be made available to students via our student portal, the UCFB Online Hub, during your induction week.

You'll be provided with login details for the UCFB Online Hub via email separately.

Orientation week

Please find your Orientation Week timetable here.

Your orientation week will involve a combination of exciting virtual and in-person events for you to network with our leading sports industry partners and your fellow classmates as well as explore London and Manchester if you’re studying on campus.

All orientation week activities will be free for students, so there is no need to buy a Season Ticket this year.

Please note, our in-person activities will be delivered in accordance with national and local government guidelines, and therefore are subject to change at short notice.

Campus access

Click below to learn how to access your campus facilities.

Accessing your campus
How to get your stadium access pass

When accessing our campus facilities, it is important to always have your UCFB ID available, so please always carry this with you.

When accessing Wembley Stadium, there is a separate Stadium Access Pass required for you to gain entry. In order to get this pass, you will need to complete the following steps.

Firstly, you need to attend the Facilities Induction, Covid and Campus Security session at the relevant time during your induction week. Your time and link is available in the induction timetable above.

During this session you will be given a QR code to access the Security Questionnaire, which you will need to complete after you have received the induction. ALL students must complete this in order to collect your access pass.

If you are a late enroller, you will be able to access the recording of the Facilities Induction, Covid and Campus Security on this page.

The link to the questionnaire is only available during the live session, or on the video recording. Please ensure you have attended or watched this in order to complete the questionnaire.

Please note: returning students also need to complete the questionnaire this year, due to the new Covid procedures as well.

If you are a new student coming to the Wembley campus, you will then need to book onto a photo taking session. These will be throughout the day on Wednesday 16th September at the Study Hub. You can find the location of our Study Hub on our campus map. 

You can book a photo session through Eventbrite on the following links:

If you are a postgraduate student, then your photo will be taken during the on-campus induction days on the 21st September.

Once you have completed all these steps, the UCFB Facilities team and Stadium Security teams will get your pass ready. It will then be able to be picked up from the Stadium entrance once ready.

Please see the access procedure below to see how to access the stadium before and after you get your pass.

How to access your campus facilities

Before attending ANY campus sites this year, you must complete the Self-Risk Assessment and Symptom Check Questionnaire. Please click here to complete the form. 

Please refer to our campus map to see all locations.


Wembley Campus

When accessing our Campus facilities, it is important to always have your UCFB ID available, so please always carry this with you.

Wembley Stadium

To access Wembley Stadium you will need a Stadium access pass. You can find out how to get this above.

In order to access the stadium there will be queueing facilities outside the UCFB entrance with required social distancing marked out. There will be a sanitisation station outside. Please ensure you have your face covering ready as you will be required to wear this on entry.

If you need to access the Stadium for classes before your pass is ready, this is permitted but you will have to show your UCFB Student ID or official government photo ID (passport or driver’s license) on every entry. You will then be given a wristband which must be kept on until you leave the stadium that day.

There are mandatory bag checks every time you enter Wembley Stadium, using bag xray machines, similar to those at airports. This is a non-contact procedure.

There are currently restrictions on the numbers allowed in lifts, so please use the stairs where possible and give yourself enough time to get into the stadium. This usually takes a bit longer when you need to get a wristband, so please give yourself enough time to travel and get in before your classes actually start.

Once your pass has been issued, Stadium Security will have a record of issue. Please always bring your pass with you in order to gain entry through the swipe turnstiles and keep this visible on a lanyard at all times on campus. If you forget your pass, there is a three-strikes rule. You can only forget your pass three times and be wristbanded, and then you will not be allowed back into the stadium unless you bring your pass. If you have lost it you can get a replacement pass through the online shop and student services.

Study Hub

The Study Hub is where you can access Student Services and the Library. Please note that this year, due to Covid restrictions, access to the Study Hub is on a bookings basis. Please see Student Services information on how to book your slots for the library or study desks.

The Hive

For all students based at The Hive, you will also need to complete a Hive membership, free of charge, in order to have a membership card. This is not an access pass, but is a requirement of The Hive. Information on this will be passed directly to students based at The Hive.

Brent Civic Centre

Brent Civic Centre is an externally run building and UCFB follows all their access procedures. When using this building you will be accessing The Drum Conference Centre on the third floor. Please follow any of the building signage and processes.

Welcome gift

To help with your studies this year, all students will receive a pack of welcome gifts including a facemask, octopus charging cable and foldable drink bottle, as well as a USB pen from our Students’ Union.

If you’re based in the UK, your welcome gifts will be posted to you. If you’re based outside of the UK then you can collect your welcome gifts on-campus.

Academic delivery

We have worked hard with our venue partners and within government guidelines to ensure that as many of our classes as possible will be available to study on campus in a COVID-safe environment. This ensures that you have the opportunity to experience our iconic campus locations.

However, some classes will need to remain virtual for Semester 1. After a very successful final few months of the last semester, we have developed our virtual delivery with student feedback to ensure that we can offer you the best possible experience.

If you are unable to attend classes that are being delivered on campus, all academic content for Semester 1 will be available online to ensure that you do not miss out on your academic delivery.

Our Academic team will be using Microsoft Teams as well as live and recorded presentations. Students will also have access to academic staff for support and questions during the usual hours. Your IT inductions will include training on how to use Teams to get the most out of your online sessions.

For more information, please visit our 2020/21 delivery FAQs page.


We are following the government’s return to recreational team sport framework and the guidance from each sport’s governing body. We are planning for our sports teams to return to training from September wherever sporting governing bodies and our facilities allow this. Trials will also begin early in Semester 1 when it is safe to do so. In addition to the sports teams, we will continue to support students who wish to compete and participate in other individual sports.

It has been confirmed that there will be no BUCS fixtures until Semester 2, we aim to arrange non-competitive fixtures in Semester 1 for sports where it is safe to do so and will confirm these once we are able to do so.

The UCFB Academies in London and Manchester will start as planned in September. Whilst there will be no competitive fixtures in Semester 1, we will be running training for both academies and will aim to arrange friendlies where governing body guidelines permit. Trials for the academies will also take place in September.

Further details on each individual sport will be provided during your induction and orientation session.

If you have any queries regarding induction and orientation, please contact us via the contact us page or call us on 0333 2417 333.