What is enrolment?

Enrolment is the process you need to complete to become an official UCFB/GIS student. You must complete enrolment at the start of every academic year.

Enrolment is an important part of your student journey with us. The enrolment team is here to help you through the process and provide support wherever you need it. We strongly recommend that you complete enrolment as soon as possible, to allow you to focus on your studies.

Enrolment with UCFB/GIS consists of 2 parts. It is completely online and involves you providing up-to-date information for your student record.

Part 1) Complete your consents form with UCFB/GIS

Part 2) Complete your enrolment with UEL. Once you have completed both parts you will be a fully enrolled student.

Why is enrolment necessary?

Enrolment is a crucial part of your student journey, as it gives you access to:
Your student loan – if you have been awarded a student loan, completing your enrolment will allow UEL to release your loan.
UCFB/GIS Online Hub – your online learning tools
On campus events – you will need to complete enrolment before you can be issued a student ID card. You will need this to access UCFB/GIS on-campus facilities.
Your timetable – after completing your online enrolment, you will be able to view your timetable by logging in to UCFB/GIS Learner Portal. Please be aware, that although your timetable may not be visible as soon as you enrol, it will be available before teaching starts.

What will enrolment consist of?

Enrolment will take place in 2 parts and as such you will need 2 separate usernames and passwords. One for UCFB/GIS and one for UEL.

Part 1) Enrolment with UCFB/GIS

This will involve completing a short consent form and agreeing to UCFB/GIS policies, and should only take a few minutes to complete.

You will receive an email from enrol@ucfb.com with a reminder of your username and a link to a consent form. 

Part 2) - Enrolment with UEL

This will also involve agreeing to be registered with UEL as a student within their own regulations and policies

IMPORTANT: If you are a new student enrolling with UEL, your enrolment emails will be sent to your personal email address. This is the latest email address you have provided us with.

If you have provided a school or college email address, you will need to provide us with an up-to-date email address as soon as possible. 

You will receive an email from noreply@Uel.ac.uk. It will contain guidance on what you need to do and who to contact if you experience any issues.

If you are a returning student you will use your existing username. If you are unsure of your username, you can contact thehub@uel.com or contact enrol@ucfb.com

You will complete enrolment using UEL direct

You can find additional information about enrolling with UEL here, a video here and information about password recovery here.

If experience any issues with your UEL enrolment, please email thehub@uel.ac.uk

Please be aware, that UCFB/GIS staff do not have access to UEL  systems. Any issues accessing their systems must be reported using the contact details shown above.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t know my UEL Student ID number?

New students will receive their student ID number in your enrolment invitation E-Mail from UEL. Your student ID will be your username without the letter U.

If you are a returning student and are unsure of your username please contact either thehub@uel.ac.uk or enrol@ucfb.com

What is my UEL username?

The format for your login will be the letter U , followed by 7 digits and then @uel.com e.g. u1234567@uel.ac.uk

You will complete your enrolment form using UEL Direct

What is my UCFB/GIS username?

Your username will be in your consent enrolment invite

I have forgotten my password for UEL

You can request a new password via UEL Direct – New students will be prompted to create a new password when they enrol

Password Tip: Your password must be at least 8 characters long, a mix of upper and lower case and must include at least one number, or a special character such as #

You will complete your enrolment form using UEL Direct

Please be aware that our UCFB/GIS IT team do not have access to UEL systems. If you have any issues with completing your enrolment form, you will need to contact The Hub at UEL by calling  +44 (0)20 8223 4444. or emailing thehub@uel.ac.uk

I have forgotten my password for UCFB/GIS

You can request a new password via the Consent Enrolment webpage – If you are still facing issues please contact IT@ucfb.com

I haven’t received an E-Mail form UEL?

New students will receive the enrolment invite to your personal email address (The email you provided with your application).

Returning students will receive the enrolment invite to your UEL email address - you can access it here.

Can someone enrol online for me?

No, you must complete both parts of online enrolment yourself.

How do I collect my student ID card?

You will be able to collect your student ID card during induction week after you have fully completed both parts of your enrolment.

I am a deferred student. How will I be contacted?

Providing you have firmly accepted an unconditional offer, you will be sent an enrolment invite to your personal Email by both UCFB and UEL.

What happens if I can't complete enrolment before the latest date of enrolment?

You will need to contact enrol@ucfb.com  as soon as possible and explain the reason for the delay in completing enrolment. UCFB will make a case-by-case decision on if we can extend the enrolment period or if you will need to defer your studies.

I haven't confirmed my term-time address. What address should I use?

Please add your home address. Once you have secured your term-time accommodation please send your address to enrol@ucfb.com.

What is the cooling-off period for tuition fee payment?

UEL students can find a breakdown of your fee liability here – It also includes the cooling-off period, payment dates and what the different periods of study during the year are.

Where can I find my Student Support Number?

Your Student Support Number (SSN) is the unique identification number given to you by the Student Loans Company, Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland/Scotland, and your Local Education Authority (LEA). It usually consists of four letters, followed by eight numbers and another letter (e.g. ABCD01234567A) and is quoted on most documents sent to you from the organisations mentioned above.

I haven’t applied for a Student Finance loan yet, will this affect my enrolment? 

Yes, you need to have your finance in place before enrolling. If you have not yet applied for a loan, then you need to do so now. Information on how to apply can be found here. If your funding has not been confirmed when you begin the enrolment process, you may be liable to pay the first instalment of your tuition fees. You can contact fees@ucfb.com for further clarification.

What happens if I want to change my course?

If you are a returning student or a new student who has completed enrolment and wants to transfer your studies to a different course, you will need to contact the academic administration team at your campus.

If you are a new student and haven’t completed enrolment you will need to contact admissions@ucfb.com.

How can I request an enrolment confirmation letter?

Once you are fully enrolled and your course has started you can contact student services to request an enrolment confirmation letter.

Online, Blended and Etihad Students sse@ucfb.ac.uk

Wembley Students ssw@ucfb.ac.uk