At UCFB, we are proud of our diverse student community and the role European citizens play in making UCFB a great place to study.

The enriching educational experience we provide at UCFB is strengthened by the opportunities to share different cultures, providing our students and graduates with a wide range of perspectives to ensure they are prepared for the global challenges they will face.

The UK has now left the EU. UCFB would strongly suggest that EU, EEA or Swiss citizen should use the following checker tool on the Governments website for information regarding continuing to live, work and study in the UK:

Further information is also available on the Government’s website about what will happen during and after the transition period:

Our current EU, EEA and Swiss citizen students and staff who want to continue living in the UK must apply for settled or pre-settled status to be able to:

  • work in the UK
  • use the NHS
  • enrol in education or continue studying
  • access public funds such as benefits and pensions, if you’re eligible for them
  • travel in and out of the UK

Further details about the EU Settlement Scheme can be found on the Government’s website.

Current Students
Can I continue to study at UCFB once the UK leaves the EU?

Yes. Most EU, EEA and Swiss citizens will need to apply to continue living and studying in the UK after it leaves the EU.

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

You can use the EU Exit: ID Document Check app to complete the identity stage of your application under the EU Settlement Scheme. You can find information about this App at the following government website:

Will there be a change to my immigration status, and what about my family living in the UK?

Please keep up-to-date with information on the UK Council for International Student Affairs’ (UKCISA) website to gain a good understanding of how Brexit might impact your immigration status.

More information about settled and pre-settled status for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their families can also be found on UKCISA’s website.

What affect will Brexit have on my tuition fees?

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens who are already studying at UCFB will continue to pay the same tuition fees for the duration of their programme even if the course finishes after the UK has left the EU.

Will I still be eligible to receive a student loan as a current EU student?

Eligibility requirements for current EU, EEA and Swiss citizens to receive loans and/or grants to fund their studies for the full duration of their course remain unchanged. More information can be found on the Student Loan Company webpage.

Will my Erasmus placement be affected after Brexit?

Students currently participating in Erasmus+, including those taking part in the 2019/20 academic year, are not expected to be affected by the Brexit outcome.

If a deal is reached, the UK is expected to take part in Erasmus+ until the end of the current phase in 2020. The government has published a Technical Notice in light of the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal. This notice provides guidance to individuals participating or wanting to participate in the Erasmus+ programme.

For further information and updates relating to the Erasmus+ programme, read the Brexit update on the Erasmus website.

Prospective students
Will EU students need a visa to study in the UK?

If you arrive in the UK before 1st January 2021, you will not need a visa. If you plan to stay in the UK beyond the 1st January 2021 (for example, to complete your full course), you’ll need to apply online for the EU Settlement Scheme. The scheme is free of charge. You should apply as soon as possible after you’ve arrived in the UK. You can find further information about applying for the EU settlement scheme at the following website:

The following website has a breakdown of the main changes and what date they will take place:

If you plan to arrive in the UK from 1st January 2021 onwards, you will need to apply for a student visa if you are studying a course which is longer than six months in length.

Unfortunately, UCFB and GIS cannot currently sponsor students’ visas.

Will course fees change after Brexit?

We can confirm that for the 2021/11 academic year EU applicants will qualify for home fees. Please find further information about home fees here.

Will EU students be eligible to receive a loan or grant after Brexit?

EU, EEA and Swiss citizen’s students starting new courses with UCFB and GIS for the 2021/22 academic year and beyond EU students may be able to get a Tuition Fee Loan and help with living costs.

You can find additional information here:

I am unsure if I will be classed as a Home or International student?

If you are unsure of what your status will be, for example, you are a British passport holder living in the EU or currently hold pre-settled or settled status in the UK. Please send an E-Mail to and we can send you a tuition fee assessment form. We can then confirm what status you would hold with UCFB and GIS.