If you have relevant qualifications, previous relevant higher level study or relevant work experience you may be eligible for advanced entry (for example, direct entry into year 2 to one of our undergraduate degrees) via our Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) scheme.

These notes provide guidance if you are considering applying for direct entry into Year 2 or Year 3 of an undergraduate degree programme at UCFB.

UCFB recognises that you may have knowledge and skills from your previous study or employment which would allow you to be given credit against one or more modules on your course, subject to the limits specified in the Accreditation of Prior Learning Policy and Procedure.

The UCFB APL process enables you to apply for exemption from studying modules for which your previous study can be recognised as the equivalent learning experience.

Accreditation of Prior Learning is broken into two categories:

• Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) is the recognition of prior learning which has taken place within a Higher Education provider and has resulted in a certificated award of credit.

• Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is the evaluation and recognition of non-certificated learning which demonstrates the acquisition of knowledge and skills through life and work experience.

Please note for some courses, there may be restrictions on whether APL applications can be accepted, especially where Professional Statutory or Regulatory bodies have accredited the course, and you are advised to contact the admissions department before making an application. It is important to note as well that, for new programmes, it may not be possible to join in a later year.

Item 2

Entry Criteria

Your suitability for direct entry will be assessed depending on the precise route for which you want to be considered.

For APCL you will ordinarily need to provide the following:

• A copy of the learning outcomes and level of your previous studies (you may need to contact your previous institution for this);

• A record of your academic achievement, evidenced by the grades on your transcript (if your transcripts/certificates are not in English, you will need to provide an approved translation along with the originals);

• Full UCAS application including academic reference and supporting personal statement;

• A completed APL application form detailing how your previous higher level study meets the content and learning outcomes of the UCFB modules you wish to APL.

For APEL you will need to provide the following:

• A full CV detailing any previous employment or activities that you feel are appropriate to the course to which you are applying;

• A portfolio of your evidence of learning in your working life;

• Full UCAS application including a professional reference and supporting personal statement;

• A record of any relevant prior academic achievement, evidenced by certificates with grades where appropriate;

• A completed APL application form detailing how your previous higher level study meets the content and learning outcomes of the UCFB modules you wish to APL.

In addition to the requirements for either route, you may be asked to attend an interview with UCFB staff to get a fuller understanding of your ability to study at a higher level than previously undertaken. You may also be asked to complete a written exercise.

Item 4

Application process

Please email the documents listed above to admissions@ucfb.com to apply.

This information will be sent to the UCFB Academic Programme Leaders for review. As the UCFB APL process is based on the process of our awarding institution all direct entry applications are subject to an additional review by an academic APL Panel at Buckinghamshire New University.

Should any of the relevant documents listed above not be available then the admissions department may not be able to process your application for direct entry. If you would like help with your application, please email admissions@ucfb.com (for UK) or international@ucfb.com (for international and EU applicants).

The APL Panel Secretary will notify you of the outcome of your application, and if it is rejected will give you the reasons. If you want to make an appeal against the decision made by the APL Panel, you should follow the procedure for Appeals against Admissions decisions in the Buckinghamshire New University Admissions Policy.

It is your responsibility to make the application and to supply the supporting evidence. The evidence you supply is used in a mapping exercise to match your learning against the learning outcomes for the module/Level from which you are claiming exemption. If you are unable to provide all of the information requested, then your application will be rejected. Whilst there is no deadline in place to submit an APL application, we encourage applicants to submit their documentation as soon as they are available.