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What is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing is an opportunity for you to secure a place on a degree programme that excites you at an institution that will help you to achieve all of your goals.

Who can apply through UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing is open to everyone who completed all their qualifications and have their exam results and has been open since 6th July. If you already have your exam results and would like to secure a place at UCFB, then please call our Clearing hotline on 03330161244 or email studentenquiries@ucfb.com as soon as possible to discuss.

General Clearing advice

Many of you will be waiting for your A-Level results right now. If you are waiting for A-Level results then you could end up looking for a place on the busiest day of the year for every admissions department in the country. Here are a few tips to get you through the day.

There are over 200 institutions teaching higher education degrees in the UK. Consider making a shortlist of courses and institutions that may interest you. Make a note of their Clearing hotline or admissions telephone number and decide who you will call and in which order.

Be prepared for the fact that not all degree courses will still have places available, so make sure that you have some alternatives in mind. At UCFB for example, we boast employment rates of over 90%, with almost two thirds of graduates now working within the football and sports industry. This means that our degree programmes are extremely popular. We do therefore strongly recommend that you contact us via the Clearing hotline on 03330161244 or email studentenquiries@ucfb.com sooner rather than later if you are interested in studying at UCFB.

Many institutions, including UCFB, will allow you 48 hours to consider your offer. Take some time to consider your options, make sure that you can secure accommodation if you need it and find out about any scholarships or bursaries that they can offer you. Make sure that you obtain as much information as you can about the degree and institution.

Finally, if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us on either03330161244 or email studentenquiries@ucfb.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

Checklist for results day
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Clearing advice from UCFB's Student Experience Coordinator

There’s no getting away from it – A-level results day can be a stressful time… Even more so if you’re about to enter Clearing. Working out where you’re going to live and what you’re going to study over the next few years of your life is not a decision that should be made lightly.

So, to help you through the day, we’ve put together a list of what you should do before results day to best prepare yourself for the day, and what to do should you enter Clearing.

  • Timing is everything – Find out in advance what time your school opens on results day.
  • Keep it local – You must collect your results in person. Should your results mean you’re to enter Clearing, universities and other higher education institutions will want to speak to you directly, so make sure you’re near a phone or the internet.
  • Relax – It might seem stressful, but it will be alright if your results don’t go exactly to plan. Speak to your teachers, careers advisors and parents and get their advice on your next steps. Many students who go onto higher education through Clearing often say it worked out better for them in the long run.
  • It’s good to talk – Seek out somewhere you can talk in peace, and make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Get clued up – We have a number of articles and videos you can read and watch to give you further advice and information.
Before you start calling

You’ll need to be fairly quick off the mark on results day in contacting various institutions to gain a place on your chosen course. Some institutions though have places available a number of days after result are released.

There are a few things you should do to prepare for making that phone call during Clearing. One, to make the process as smooth as possible for you and the institution you’re speaking to, and two, just to take away a little bit of the stress you’ll be feeling. To make it easier for you on results day, we advise having most of this ready and researched.

  • Personal statement – Go through your personal statement and highlight the parts you feel showcase you and your academic abilities the best. Remember, you’ll be selling yourself to potential institutions.
  • Notebook – It’s old school, but you’ll need to make notes throughout all of your calls. It’s easy to forget vital information when you’re consuming so much of it in a short space of time. Remember to take the contact details of the people you speak to, also.
  • UCAS Personal ID number – If you have already applied in UCAS remember to have your personal ID number ready as you will need to give it to each institution you call.
  • Why here? – Make notes of why you’ve chosen specific courses and institutions. They’ll want to know why you’ve picked them ahead of others.
  • Questions – Prepare questions about your chosen course and the institution. Write them down so you don’t forget, and prepare a subsidiary question too. This shows you are genuinely interested and it’s better for you to have all your questions answered to make an informed decision.
  • Exam results – Please be sure to know the full names of the qualifications and subjects that you have studied and grades you have achieved. You will be asked to provide this information when you call. Many qualifications have similar names so it is important that you provide the correct information. If your clearing application is successful you may be asked to provide copies of your certificates or the results paperwork you received on results day to confirm your qualifications, so please check that you have these available.
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For more information, please contact our dedicated Student Recruitment & Admissions Team by calling 03330161244

UCFB Clearing hotline opening hours

Call us on 03330161244

Weekdays until 13th August : 9am – 5pm

Thursday 13th August : 8:00am - 9pm

Friday 14th August : 8:00am – 8pm

Saturday 15th August : 10am – 4pm

Sunday 16th August : 10am – 4pm

Monday 17th August : 8am – 6pm

Tuesday 18th August : 8am – 6pm

Wednesday 19th August : 8am – 6pm

Thursday 20th August : 8am – 6pm

Friday 21st August : 8am – 6pm

Saturday 22nd August : 10am – 4pm

Sunday 23rd August : 10am – 4pm

Monday 24th August :  8am – 6pm

Tuesday 25th August : 8am - 6pm

Wednesday 26th August : 8am – 6pm

Thursday 27th August : 8am – 6pm

Friday 28th August : 8am – 6pm

Weekdays after 28th August : 9am – 5pm


Do entry requirements change during Clearing?

UCAS Clearing is the process by which universities fill remaining places on courses. If you wish to apply for a September 2020 start then this is the last chance for you to apply. The entry criteria for courses does not traditionally change at this time of the academic cycle. UCFB wishes to make offers to students that have the potential to succeed, if you wish to check your suitability for a particular programme then we would encourage you to call the hotline and speak to a staff member from the Future Students Team regarding a potential application.

This call will be your opportunity to discuss your skills and experience, be sure to use this as an opportunity to sell yourself and your achievements and explain why you are an excellent candidate and have the potential to become an excellent UCFB student.

Do I need to have a UCAS application to get a place in Clearing?

No, at point of application, you do not need to have a live UCAS application. UCAS Clearing is designed to help those applicants that do not currently have an offer for September. If you have an application and are unplaced or you have yet to start one on UCAS you are welcome to call the Clearing hotline.

What do I do if I’m holding an offer at another university?

Clearing offers can only be made to unplaced applicants. If you have accepted a place at another institution, that you no longer wish to take, then you will need to withdraw from that offer. This can be completed on UCAS Track or by contacting the institution directly.

What happens when I get an offer in Clearing?

If you are offered a place, the UCFB Admissions Team will provide full details on the next steps. This will include information on how to accept, what documents to send and additional relevant info on student services, accommodation, registration & enrolment etc.

Will I be able to get accommodation as a late applicant?

UCFB’s accommodation providers offer student rooms on a first come first serve basis.  As soon as you have been accepted on to a programme you can apply for accommodation.

I've heard I can appeal my results. How do I do this?

The government announced on 12th August that students who are dissatisfied with their grades may appeal their decision and use your mock examination results instead. You must inform your school of this decision and they will then inform the exam board who will liaise with UCAS to update results.

If you are considering using mock examination results, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so we can support you through this process. Please call us on 0333 0161 244.

This FAQ was last reviewed on 12th August 2020.

The opportunities that this institution can provide you with, both in contacts and in experience, are invaluable - but they only come about if you completely throw yourself into your course. Somewhere down the line, you will get back everything that you put in.

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Call UCFB’s dedicated Clearing hotline on 03330161244 for an opportunity to start a unique university degrees in the football and sports industry in September 2020.

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