What to expect from Blended study
What are the start dates for your blended programme?

If you enrol for a September 2021 intake your start date for BA (Hons) Football Coaching (Blended), MA Football Coaching, MSc Football Coaching – Blended, MSc Football Coaching & Analysis – Blended and BA Football Coaching  will be Monday 27th September. There will be an online enrolment period of approx. one month before this date so that you can ensure everything is ready for the start date.

Will I need to travel?

Yes, there will be some travel required for two week blocks of taught delivery.  The Online part of the programme does not require you to travel as all support will be provided through the UCFB Online Hub.

How long does it take to complete the programme?

MA Football Coaching (Blended)
Programme length is 12 months for full time and 2 Years part time and will be split over 3 semesters.

BA (Hons) Football Coaching (Blended)
Programme length is over 3 Years full time.

When can I start studying?

Currently we have one intake per year, in September.

How many hours a week do I need to study?

For the blended programmes, it is expected that students will spend up to 25-30 hours per week on their studies for the full-time programmes, and 15-20 hours per week on the part-time option. The time you need to spend studying will depend on many variables including your previous academic experience and your technical expertise.

Is a work placement included as part of the blended programme?

No, work placements are not part of our blended programme. You will receive notifications about placement opportunities that are available for UCFB students; however it is your decision whether this is something you apply for. We recommend that you focus on your studies if completing the full-time postgraduate programme.

How flexible is the programme?

Our programme is designed with working professionals in mind and allows for flexibility within a framework.

For the Online part of this programme you can choose the days of the week and the times of the day you study to accommodate your other commitments; however, you must meet strict deadlines. There will be live scheduled sessions over the duration of each module, however, these will be recorded so you will not miss anything if you are unable to attend.

MA Football Coaching (Blended)
You will study 5 modules throughout the postgraduate programme. 2 modules will be studied in Semester 1, 2 in Semester 2 and 1 Semester 3.

BA (Hons) Football Coaching (Blended)
You will study 4 modules per year throughout the undergraduate programme. 2 modules will be studied in Semester 1, 2 in Semester 2.

Can I study on a tablet or my phone?

UCFB Online Hub is compatible with mobile devices, including tablets. However, you will need an internet connection in order to view the content as part of your course. UCFB also has an app which you can download from the app store on iOS and Android so that you can access content on the go. Simply search for ‘UCFB Online Hub’.

Is course content delivered only online?

No, as this is a blended programme some content will be delivered to you on campus and some will be available to you Online through the UCFB Online Hub. If you need any support, clear guidance will be provided through your programme and module leader. Our Student Services and Academic Administration teams are also on hand to deal with any queries you may have.

Is there group work involved?

Your assignments will be independently submitted, there is no requirement to work as part of a group for this programme. However, you are encouraged to participate in forums as instructed by your module leader. You will also have the ability to message your course peers.

Will I be able to access Executive Guest Speaker sessions?

Guest talks from industry speakers may be available for you to view as part of a recorded video or live stream, however these will be on a case by case basis. There will also be the option to attend the UCFB Future Leaders in Football and Sport Conference at St. George’s Park and Global Sports Summits, however this will be at your own expense if you choose to attend.

Are there opportunities to network as part of the programme?

Networking opportunities are available for students by way of interacting with UCFB’s esteemed academics, and attending – where possible – the Global Sports Summits, UCFB Future Leaders in Football and Sport Conference at St. George’s Park, a Careers Fair and the Leadership Challenge, however this will be at your own expense should you choose to attend.

Accreditation awarding body and recognition
Is a blended degree as good as a full campus degree?

Yes. There is absolutely no distinction between the quality of the blended and campus programme. You can be assured that our blended degrees has the same status as those awarded to graduates who studied fully on campus.

Will my degree certificate state that it was a blended degree, completed via distance learning?

No. Your degree certificate will look the same as those awarded to students who studied on campus. There will be no reference to online on your degree certificate. However, there will be a small reference to the mode of study on your transcript (the record of the modules you took and the grades you received).

Can I graduate at UCFB’s on-campus sites?

Yes. You can join other online students who will have the option to travel to their nearest campus to graduate with other UCFB students. You will wear the same cap and gown as your campus students and take part in the same graduation ceremonies. It’s not compulsory to attend the graduation, it completely your decision. It’s perfectly fine to graduate without having to travel to UCFB campus sites and does not detract from the commitment, dedication and hard work you will have consistently demonstrated during your studies.

How is a blended degree perceived by employers?

The course content is very much in line with the content that is delivered fully on campus. While your learning experience is different compared to a complete on campus delivery, and the assessment methods are adapted to suit a blended course, the fundamental quality of the course is of the same level.

How Blended studying works
How does blended study work?

With blended study at UCFB there are no fixed lecture times for the majority of the course, however we do feel it’s important to have some live sessions and on campus attendance which will be factored into the module schedule and delivered at appointed times. The live online sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto UCFB’s Online Hub, so if you are unable to attend don’t worry. All the information will be available to you online.

Each module will require the completion of weekly activities set by your module leader as well as the submission of one to two assessments. You will be provided with lecture notes, reading material and activities to check your learning and there will be plenty of chances for you to ensure your work is aligned with the module leader’s expectations.

How will I be assessed?

There are no exams – you will be assessed based on each module assessment strategy which will cover assignment submissions. You will also be assessed on a final research project.

Assessments will be rigorous and your online degree will be every bit as challenging as a degree studied on campus.

What time are classes held?

Your classes will be delivered through a mixture of face to face, recorded and live lectures (webinars).

This means some of your classes will be scheduled by the module leader and you will be notified in advance on the days that these will take place.

We feel it’s good to have a balance of teaching deliveries, however we are also aware that some people might not be able to attend the live sessions and as such these will be recorded and made available on the UCFB Online Hub.

How much time will be required to attend the face to face practical sessions?

The practical sessions will be blocked at different points with the maximum length run over 2 weeks.

Where will the face to face practical sessions take place?

These will be available at either our Etihad or Wembley Campus.

Will I have lots of deadlines?

The programme has been designed to avoid deadlines to overlap to allow you plenty of time to work on your submissions.

Modules will have a maximum of two graded submissions, for which you will receive guidance throughout the module’s sessions, forum discussions or, in some instances, non-graded submissions. In order to allow adequate planning of your time, all submission deadlines will be shared at the beginning of the programme and will be available in the UCFB Online Hub.

The submission schedule has been thoroughly analysed in order to ensure the flexibility an online programme should have.

How long does a module take?

Modules will run over 12 sessions with the exception of your Project module which, due to its nature and requirements, will be completed over 36 weeks.

What equipment do I need?

The only things you will need to study online are:

An internet connection – you must have regular access to a reliable internet connection, preferably at your home.

A personal email address – although we will provide you with a UCFB email address, you will also need a second email address so that we have an alternative way to contact you if necessary. Ideally this should be a web based service like Hotmail or Gmail rather than a work email address.

A suitable computer – the UCFB Online Hub can be accessed through a web browser and is compatible with all formats, however we recommend Chrome but this is not essential. You will also need to be able to read and save Microsoft documents, read Abode Acrobat documents (PDFs) and have access to speakers so that you can listen to recorded content and videos. You do not need to buy Microsoft Office as all UCFB students have access to this. We will send you instructions on how to get this and install once you enrol onto the programme.

When you attend a residential, you will need some practical kit i.e football boots.

Will I receive feedback on my progress?

Yes, plenty and regularly. There are a number of different ways you will receive feedback from your module leader. From forum participation to formative assessments, all of them will be pivotal for your learning as they will test your progress and help you get ready for the graded assessments.

Additionally, you will be encouraged to participate in group discussions in order to ensure there is a solid learning community from which you and your classmates will be able to benefit.

How often and how much will students interact with the instructor and other students?

As part of the programme students will have access to contact their module leader and where necessary their peers. Students will be able to interact with the module leader through face to face, online live lectures, recorded lectures and forums.

The latter will be delivered either individually or in groups and can be organised by module leaders for a range of reasons: from checking progress or covering specific content.

We are fully committed to ensuring an optimal learning experience and supporting you during every step of your learning journey.

Can I take a break from study if I need to?

There may be situations where there is a change in a student’s personal circumstances or illness which could make it difficult for them to continue with their studies. Should this occur an interruption of studies may be considered however our Academic team will go through this process with you to provide you with your options.

Can I meet someone to discuss the course?

MA Football Coaching (Blended)
You can contact our Future Students Team if you have any questions. Please email mastersenquiries@ucfb.com and let us know if you’d like to come onto campus in person to meet someone to discuss the course. You are also welcome to come along to one of our Postgraduate Open Evenings, for more information.

BA (Hons) Football Coaching (Blended)
You can contact our Future Students Team if you have any questions. Please email studentenquiries@ucfb.com and let us know if you’d like to come onto campus in person to meet someone to discuss the course. You are also welcome to come along to one of our Undergraduate Open Evenings, for more information.

The UCFB Online Hub
The UCFB Online Hub home page

Once you have logged into the UCFB Online Hub, you will have access to your Programme and Module pages and details of what these pages will include is outlined below.

Programme page

This is your programme page covering everything you need to know about the programme. This covers an introduction video from the Programme Leader, as well as your Programme Aims, Programme Learning Outcomes, Assessment Strategy and Module Overview.

Further down you will see all the modules included in the programme and when these modules will be available within each Semester.

You will receive notifications through the UCFB Online Hub which you will be able to see within the top right section. These will come up as message bubbles which you can click into to read and respond to.  If you have downloaded the Mobile App you will also receive notifications through this to so you can keep up to date in real time.

Module pages

Your module page will cover the Module Aims, Module Learning Outcome, Module Assessment Strategy, how you can track your progress and assignment submission.

The sessions are displayed as buttons so that you can progress through them. Each session’s approach is tailored to the content so this will change between each session and module.

Tracking your work

You can track your progress by ticking the box on the page as indicated in the example below. Some progress does however require an action so if you do not complete the activity then this cannot be set as complete.

You will have your own Dashboard, where you can track how you are progressing on activities within each module against the specific activities that you need to complete. The completion is tracked as a percentage as shown below.

Assignment submission
As part of the programme you will need to submit assignments for each module, of which you can track your progress within our Gradebook. This will show the weighting of the submission, your grade and feedback from your Module Leader.

Fees and payments
How can I pay my tuition fees?

UCFB has teamed up with Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay for Students to give a simple, reliable way to pay for your tuition fees. You can pay in your home currency, with no hidden bank charges. The funds are paid directly to UCFB. Both International and EU student can take advantage of this service.

To access Western Union, click here.

There are several other ways of paying your tuition fees, including credit/debit cards, PayPal or by wired transfer.

For more information about course tuition fees, please email fees@ucfb.com


Are scholarships, grants or discounts available?

Scholarships are not available. If you are concerned about your ability to fund your studies, have a look on our website for details of our payment plans and study loans that may be available in your country. You can always ask our Admissions team for advice.

Do I need to order textbooks?

All core text books for the programme can be accessed through UCFB online e-book solutions which can be accessed at any time through UCFB’s Online Hub.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, it is possible to pay in instalments. Please take a look at our tuition fee payment dues dates for the upcoming academic year here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please email us at fees@ucfb.com.

Can I apply for a student loan?

A postgraduate loan of up to £11,222,00 can help with course fees while you study a postgraduate masters course. Click here for more information.