By Rebecca Hawksworth

By Rebecca Hawksworth

UCFB graduate Adam Williamson is enjoying getting stuck into his new role as a Digital Producer for Beyond 90.

A recent graduate of the BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching programme at UCFB Etihad Campus, Adam says his previous work experience with the company stood him in good stead for securing the full-time role.

Beyond 90 is a fan engagement company based in Manchester that produces football supporter events, including match-day entertainment for Manchester City and family fun days both on match-days and during school holidays. The company also helps sports organisations and clubs design and build new and engaging fan-zones to maximise the supporter experience of a match-day.

Talking about his work experience at the company, Adam said: “During my third year at UCFB I had the chance to work for Beyond 90 as one of their Playmakers for Manchester City and Manchester United’s games and events. My role was to provide support and guidance to supporters and also set up and facilitate the games around the stadiums.

“When my degree finished, Beyond 90 advertised – through its relationship with UCFB – the Digital Producer role, and just over a week later I was offered the amazing opportunity to join them full-time.”

Adam started in the post in August and explained what roles and responsibilities his new job has included so far. “My main role is to coordinate the company’s social media channels,” he said. “This includes producing new and exciting content, keeping up to date with the latest sports and sports business debates and networking at social media and marketing conferences and workshops.”

A BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching graduate, Adam had originally seen himself heading down a career pathway in coaching. However, the different modules in his degree course, as well as his many work experience opportunities, opened his eyes more to the business side of the sports industry which he now works in.

“Originally I was hoping to forge a career in coaching and football management, but as I took part in more business-orientated aspects of the industry I realised that I’d prefer to go down the business route,” Adam explained.

“Lots of work experience at organisations such as Sensible Soccer, England Lacrosse, Beyond 90 and Challenger Sports did wonders in terms of making me a more business-aware student that could cope with aspects such as marketing, promotion and media. All of this ultimately made me a suitable candidate for the role of Digital Producer.”

Adam went on to say how much he has enjoyed the first two months of his new full-time job, adding: “I’ve settled really well into Beyond 90 on a full-time basis. The people I’m working with are so passionate about their work, the sports industry and creating engaging and lifelong experiences for fans and it’s so exciting to be part of a company right at the centre of the action.”