Less than one month after graduating from GIS’ MSc Football Coaching & Analysis programme, Jake Toyer has landed his dream role as a Football Analyst at FIFA. From general match analysis to coding individual players, he’s playing a part in this revolutionary transformation of the game.

Here, Jake tells us exactly what he gets up to and how his time at GIS helped him secure the role…

Tell us about your role as Football Tournament Analyst Consultant at FIFA and how you landed it.  

I have recently begun the role at FIFA, which I landed through one of my lecturers at UCFB. He spoke to my cohort on my Master’s course and stated how there would be an opportunity with FIFA and analysis. Naturally, I wanted to find out more and when the role came around I applied and was fortunate enough to get it.

The role is based around match analysis and coding individual players in FIFA’s new approach to data collection and performance analysis that can be made available to international teams. I work alongside some very talented analysts and expert data collectors for international tournaments, collecting data on individual players and compiling it together in a ground-breaking method of data collection.

What have been some of the highlights so far?

Meeting a great group of people who have really helped me achieve what I have today and pushed me to become more aware of coaching philosophies. The staff have been amazing and interacting with each of them has been incredible, as well as being able to connect me with some very good individuals and find promising areas for my future career development.

What have you brought into the role from your MSc Football Coaching & Analysis programme?

The understanding of footballing analytics and the software that I was exposed to at GIS, as well as the different techniques required to strive in the area. Self-awareness is another key feature that I developed a lot throughout the course and this is essential when reflecting and learning for the future.

During your Master’s degree, you were a Lead Analyst at London Bees. How important do you think having this experience was in securing your current role at FIFA?

I believe that my time at London Bees in the analysis department has been key in my development as an analyst and my current role at FIFA. I have been able to gain real world experience and apply my knowledge and build a better understanding of the game. All of the back room staff at the club were a huge support and developed me further, along with my analytical mindset and practice.

What did you choose to focus on for your Master’s Research Project?

For my Research Project I chose to focus my findings on player performance and how this is impacted by coaching styles, as well as the different leadership styles that have been adopted by the coaches of clubs. Alongside this, I looked into how coaches behaviour can impact player performances and their subsequent behaviours on and off the field.

How did you find your time at GIS?

It was incredible. I had access to incredible facilities and was able to work with some amazing people and teaching staff. It has pathed the way for me into the football world and in less than a year I have been able to achieve so much thanks to my time on the programme.

What advice would you pass on to anyone looking to study at GIS?

Engage as much as possible. Speak to everyone to maximise your experience and immerse yourself to really get a feel for the industry of football as in other places you may not be able to.