“We talk with people and that’s what really struck me about this job and what resonates with me. I really like that engagement.”

With the rise of football fan channels, supporters across the UK have been given a voice in a new era of football coverage. Fan TV has become a central part of the modern supporter experience, providing a great way to engage with clubs through social media.

UCFB graduate Ross Chandley has been at the forefront of this industry since 2017 when he started his role at Liverpool FC fan channel The Redmen TV. The award winning channel covers the European champions across all major platforms, and is rated as one of the most effective football fan channels out there.

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Having graduated from his BA (Hons) Football Business & Media programme this year, Ross is now Head of Marketing & Social Media at The Redmen TV, helping to drive the channel’s engagement with fans to the next level.

“It started as two days a week at the end of my first year,” Ross explained. “Then when summer came along I came in every day. I knew from previous experience that you learn more on the job, so by coming in more and being hands on there were more opportunities for me, I got more responsibility and it developed from there.”

Now responsible for a range of areas including social media, content and the website, the job has enabled Ross to boost his skillset rapidly.

 “I’ve been really lucky”, he continued. “Since I started – I’ve been here for two years now – Liverpool have reached two Champions League Finals, winning one of them.

"It’s been a learning curve for me – you get the highs and the lows, you get the reactions of fans and how to deal with those. I’ve been really fortunate that it’s been more highs, but you learn to adapt and ride the wave of good times and it’s been reflected in our social numbers which have grown. With Liverpool FC becoming and bigger brand and being successful on the pitch, it’s helped make my job a lot easier.”

Concluding with some advice for UCFB students, Ross said: “Make the most of the opportunities you get. It’s something that I did and it’s really worked out for me. you don’t know how vital a piece of work will be in two or three years’ time. If an employer can see you making an effort from year one, on the go, taking every opportunity you can do, if you put the graft in now you will get the results at the end of the day.”