UCFB academic Carl Wild has had his first book published this week - The Intelligent Soccer Coach: Player-Centred Sessions to Develop Confident, Creative Players.

Carl, programme leader of the BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management programme at UCFB Etihad Campus, set out to write a book that coaches could refer back to as they continue their coaching journey – something his students will no doubt find useful.

The book has already been praised for breaking new ground in football coaching advice, with early reviews talking of the importance and power of the book for any grassroots football coach. The book also topped the Amazon charts as the ‘hottest new football release’ when it was made available for pre-order in August.

Carl's book has already been praised for breaking new ground in football coaching advice.

Commenting upon the release of the book, Carl, who’s also an FA tutor and lead coach at Chester FC under 9s-14s, said: “It was great to get all of the really positive feedback from coaches that I not only respect but also look up to and regularly learn from. And then to see that so many people were interested in my advice and guidance, was unbelievable.

“I just hope the book helps as many coaches as possible, which in turn will benefit the development and the enjoyment of lots of young footballers, which is the main reason we are all involved in coaching.”

Publisher Meyer & Meyer Sports have already commissioned a second book from Carl, with a working title of Practice Sessions for Soccer Coaches.

The Intelligent Soccer Coach is being released internationally by Meyer & Meyer Sport on Wednesday 29th September. Click here to purchase via Meyer & Meyer.