Henry Brown, a BA (Hons) International Football Business student, has landed an exciting new role as a Performance Analyst for the under-18 side at AFC Wimbledon, joining his dad – Football Talent Scout Graham Brown – at the club. Here, the UCFB Wembley student tells us more about the role and how it’s helping to shape the outlook on his own future career in the football industry.

What are you enjoying most about your new performance analysis role?

Everything really. I get to watch football for starters and I love having an excuse to go into detail for the coach. Getting the chance to work in the academy at AFC Wimbledon is also an exciting feeling as it is so much more professional that what I have experienced before.

What have you learnt in the role so far?

The role has helped me develop my in-match analysis, which is a different change of pace in comparison to my BA (Hons) International Football Business programme at UCFB. Alongside this, the role has actually allowed me to improve my IT skills as it includes coding matches and editing them into shorter versions which get handed to the coach.

Tell me about grabbing the opportunity and making the most of it…

Grabbing the opportunity was a no brainier when my dad told me about it. What would be the point in all of this if I didn’t take every footballing opportunity that comes my way? It allows me to work and gain experience while being able to boost my CV which is only a massive positive for life after I graduate from UCFB.

What do you hope to learn in the role that you can take into your studies and future career?

My main goal is to just impress really. I never even considered performance analysis as a career but if I can go into such a position and do a good job it can only give me more confidence going for other positions in the footballing world.