Football industry professionals working towards the Certificate in Professional Football Management and Administration (CPFMA) attended the first of several in person modules last month, entitled ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Football.’

Hearing from a range of guest speakers from the likes of Kick it Out, the module explores in detail the relationship between football and society, the problematic nature of words and behaviour and whose responsibility it is to orchestrate change.

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By completing a range of interactive workshops and independent assessments, students who complete the module will receive The Inclusive Leadership in Football Award, a vital stepping stone towards fairness and equality within in the industry.

The CPFMA course, run by UCFB’s Global Institute of Sport (GIS), is specifically designed for those working in the industry, enhancing their knowledge and expertise and ensuring students return to their respective roles better educated and more-able to complete their work to the best of their abilities.

Dr. Richard Elliot, Head of Professional Education at GIS and course leader for the CPFMA, explained: “The CPFMA is a course that we run in partnership with the League Managers Association and the Institute of Football Management and Administration. We run it for football industry professionals to effectively give them a holistic view of the football club and the various issues that they’ll face.”

Other modules within the course include ‘Football Administration and Regulation’, ‘Football Finance’, ‘Football and the Law’, ‘Human Resource Management in Football’ and ‘Football and the Media’, covering all key sectors within the industry.