By Lewis Wiseman

The world of football has increasingly become more and more of a business, enabling more people to work across the industry’s various sectors.

On a visit to UCFB Wembley, former Brighton & Hove Albion manager Gus Poyet told students that the best way to gain entry into the football world, in any capacity, is to further their studies.

He said: “Today in the world of any business, and football is a business, your CV and your studies are very, very important.”

The Uruguayan added that having been in the position to hire new staff, he knows what employers look at first. He continued: “Before even knowing who you are, or your face, they always look at your qualifications and where you’ve been, or if you have some experience.”

Though this won’t really be a surprise, most people know that first impressions mean everything, and your CV is that first impression when looking for a job, especially in football.

At UCFB, the employment and enrichment teams have set-up help guides on creating the best possible CV, with the aim of guiding students when looking for their next internship or job.

When Poyet was asked what he would study at UCFB if he could have his time again, the Uruguayan predictably selected a coaching and management degree. We asked him again, but this time ruling out coaching, and his answer may surprise you.

He said: “I would get into the media degrees; I think it is very important for everyone nowadays. We don’t realise sometimes, as coaches, how important the media part of the job is. I would like to learn more about the input into media and the way it works.”

With Poyet on the lookout for his next job in management, who knows, he could well be sat alongside you in a future lecture!