Keen observers may have noticed that UCFB recently introduced a new set of logos and font to the world, refreshing the brand that had stood since the institution’s inception back in 2011.


UCFB has gone from strength to strength over the past six years, making its mark as a trailblazer in higher education for the sports industry. Growing from roots in the historic Turf Moor, Burnley, to both Wembley and Etihad stadiums, we are now home to almost 2,000 students with an exciting array of partnerships across sport. UCFB’s evolution has been fast and exciting.

This brand refresh is focussed on delivering the strong, modern and impactful brand that UCFB is, reflecting the talented students, staff and alumni that make it a leader in the dynamic sports education industry.

Bold, modern, clear, sporty and dynamic – representing our institution to the world!

The UCFB lettering is bolder and more prominent than ever. Simple… Flexible… Contemporary.

Another handy advantage of the new UCFB logo set is that our iconic campuses sit happily next to each other as a nice, neat family. The strong and impactful new logo, coupled with each of UCFB’s campus partners – Wembley Stadium connected by EE, Etihad Campus and Burnley FC – maintain the institution’s strong links with three of the most iconic names in English football, sport and events.

… and they can be used flexibly depending on what space is available.

… even when using our campuses are all together.

UCFB’s logos…. Modernised.

As UCFB flourishes over the coming years, it’s a key aim of the institution to further embed our name and brand among employers and decision makers across the world of sport, transforming the industry for the better with the next generation of UCFB talent.

The brand refresh will form a small but important part of that plan. We hope you like the new look!