UCFB Wembley student Jack Farr has recently taken to the world of vlogging to give a platform to his considered views on football. With the FIFA World Cup currently taking place, the BA (Hons) International Football Business is taking advantage of the increased football chat around the world and web traffic being generated on the game. We asked Jack what inspired him to take up blogging and the importance of knowing the international sports industry…

What inspired you to get involved in content creation and vlogging?

In my first month or so at UCFB I met fellow students Timi and James who I always had great conversations with. Unbiased, reasonable, rational and logical discussions and debates about football. I had always liked the idea of doing a podcast. James did the occasional video and I did the occasional podcast on iTunes which didn’t reach much of an audience. The move to YouTube and shorter, more constructed content was down to reaching more people and being more creative. I only really got into this about a month ago but I’m enjoying it so far and getting decent feedback.

What are your predictions for the future of football and sports content creation?

I think more digital based companies will start to show true dominance over the next decade. Bleacher Report is a good example of a company which gives you on demand content in an immediately gratifying sense, which is what the millennial generation is so used to and to some extent needs. There’s a train of thought amongst some people that with the great success of the Netflix and WWE Network model, that perhaps instead of MUTV and LFCTV there will be an online and on-demand service that clubs will start to roll out soon. Instead of turning on Norwich Home/Away 97/98 on television there will be on demand options including press conferences, documentaries, player interviews etc. That’s where I see the future for independent companies and clubs.

How has your time at UCFB helped with the work you do in your free time?

With my interest in this field it only increases my knowledge of the industry as a whole. I try and look at the areas which the mainstream media aren’t talking about and shed light on areas that I feel need it. I have spoken numerous times to UCFB academic Gustavo Spanholi about a number of topics during and after classes about areas where I need more perspective. My goal is to be a director of football, so a well-rounded knowledge of many areas of the industry is vitally important. My time at UCFB is undeniably the most important step forward in pursuit of that dream.

What would you say is the key for staying on the cutting edge of YouTube and social media?

It’s tricky. There’s a lot of trashy click-bait and hot-take content online with the aim to just get clicks and be controversial for the sake of being controversial. That is certainly not my aim. I want good quality and well thought out content which is my own opinion and not just regurgitated. I hope it’s not too much of a cliché but the key is not to be lazy. It’s hard for me to say what is key as I have only started doing this recently. I would say you have to work hard in all areas that are required to create a video or article and the fruits of your labour will show eventually.

How important is a time like the World Cup when it comes to building your own personal brand?

It’s vitally important. There are more eyes than ever on the internet typing the words World Cup into search engines and YouTube, so trying to get people’s attention and retain it is very important. I have kept a couple of consistencies in my first four videos which I hope will give my brand a good foundation moving forward. It’s hard to judge after only having done this for a few weeks, of course, but let’s see what the future holds.