As a BA (Hons) International Football Business student, Luke Godfrey has given himself plenty to keep busy with alongside his degree. From working as a Marketing Executive at Wembley FC to representing UCFB Wembley as a Student Ambassador, he is eager to explore as many avenues and gain as much experience as possible. Here, the second-year student tells us about his various roles and the unique opportunities on offer…

Tell us about your role as Marketing Executive at Wembley FC and what it entails.

Shortly after starting at UCFB Wembley, I got involved at Wembley FC, a local non-league side, and have been increasingly involved ever since. My role as a Marketing Executive covers a multitude of elements of the off-field efforts at the club, ranging from developing and revamping the social channels, to the point where we are now close to implementing regular content plans to cover a variety of features around and about the club. This summer has also seen me and a fellow course mate - Lui Ferrara-Forbes who is a Marketing Assistant alongside me – hire and bring on-board new volunteers that can support us with social media, press officer duties, graphic design and videography, the majority being UCFB students too. I am coordinating all the new volunteers in their respective areas.

The role also entails helping with the matchday programmes, managing, revamping and designing the website as well as generally finding opportunities to promote our club on the non-league scene. Further down the line I want to develop the role and help the club commercially, as well as ensuring that when I move on there are hopefully other UCFB students to take my place and carry on the good work.

What have been some of the highlights and how do you use Wembley Stadium to promote the club where possible?

Given the media and marketing operations at the club were very limited before, it has been a self-developed role with time, and that flexibility of being able to go from project to project is something that suits me and fits around other commitments. Given football has been suspended for so long, another highlight in the last month or two has been that the club is finally playing matches again after so long!

Wembley is a very well-known stadium, and that is something we can use to our advantage. However, it is good that we distinguish ourselves and ensure that we promote the identity of the football club and its history in the local area. Given its proximity to Wembley Stadium itself, commercially we have had a handful of film crews using it as a location to film, but also the club is popular whenever the big stadium has a match as fans can pop down and support a local non-league club at the same time.

How has your BA (Hons) International Football Business degree helped you in this role?

My degree gives a holistic view on a broad range of football business topics, and whilst delving into the international community, it gives a greater understanding of the true values in football, but also the opportunity that the international business community offers football. It is great to implement certain marketing elements I have learnt at Wembley FC, as well as the understanding that fan engagement at any level is key to developing a club.

You’re also a Student Ambassador for UCFB. Tell us about this role and some of your favourite moments within it.

Prior to joining UCFB, I was a Student Ambassador at my past college, where it was beneficial to interact with prospective students and staff in different departments to improve my confidence and communication skills. Soon after starting at UCFB, I decided to carry on being an ambassador to help continue to represent an institution I’m spending three years at and to promote it to people who have the same passion to work in the sports industry.

Throughout the year I have assisted with virtual open days to answer any questions prospective students may have had about student life or course related queries, through a platform called UniBuddy. Answering queries like those I was asking before I joined UCFB allowed for me to give confidence to and encourage prospective students to join UCFB.

You were also awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship last year. What benefits has this given you and how has it helped you?

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had whilst at UCFB and being awarded this scholarship was important to me as I knew it would benefit my employability opportunities in my time at UCFB. It’s first benefit is reduced tuition fee, which I’ll be thankful for later in life. More recently, I have used it to do a football agent course offered already at a discounted price to UCFB students, as well as very recently using the funds to purchase a ticket to a Premier Sports Network conference, where I will get the opportunity to network, as well as gain a greater understanding around team operations and player care.

How have you found your time at UCFB and as a student in London so far?

2020/21 was for any of us an incredibly disrupted and stop-start year but I wanted to make the most of the year whether it be virtually or not. As well as studying in Wembley Stadium, undertaking beneficial online employability activities has been of great help for me and has helped expand my knowledge of the industry.

This summer however saw the Euros come to town, and to be living and experiencing the buzz whilst residing in the area, was an incredible experience. With the ease of transport in London, and the plethora of things to do even in Wembley Park, it has been a good year, and hopefully the next one is even better.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to study at UCFB?

If you are making your decision about university, make sure you feel invested in the decision, and that you will enjoy what you are learning about as after all it is three years of your life. Secondly, if you do come to UCFB, you’ll never be short of support or opportunities in the industry.