By Martyna Gaska

UCFB Wembley student Martin Weis went behind the scenes at one of the world’s biggest sports brands as part of a four-month work placement with Puma.

Working as part of the European operation’s e-commerce team, his role ranged from supporting the eCom and retail warehouses and handling customer service enquiries.

Martin also saw how customer experience differs working with international carriers and logistics providers, as well as helping to find potential room for improvement of the service and customer experience.

Speaking on his experience, Martin, a BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance student, said: “My internship at Puma gave me great insight into e-commerce business, logistics processes and a broad overview of the organisational structure at Puma. I really enjoyed working in a dynamic environment with young and ambitious professionals.”

He added: “The company really puts in the effort to make the employees feel welcomed and important. It was a good combination of fashion and sport. I’m happy that I got an opportunity to not only perform tasks connected with the degree I’m doing at UCFB, but also work in different departments, broaden my knowledge and get valuable experience.”

When asked about aspects of the job where he could apply things he has learnt at UCFB, Martin said: “An important aspect was logical thinking, but the general knowledge of economic theories, B2B and B2C systems, handling numbers, as well as understanding the consumer behaviour, definitely helped me in performing my tasks.”

Martin’s hard work, dedication and commitment didn’t go unnoticed at Puma either, with the company expressing an interest to bring Martin back for more work in the future.