By Jamie Holker

In honour of The Football Association teaming up with Pokemon to support their National Futsal Programme and help promote the benefits of the sport to children we got to work creating the ultimate Pocket Monsters 5-a-side team. They can do it at the Indigo Plateau but can they do it down the local Powerleague...

Goalkeeper - Tentacruel

The obvious answer here would have been Machamp - the guy’s got four arms - but if you think beyond the humanoid there really is only one option. Not only is Tentacruel massive but he’s got a million arms and the agility of a young Michael Owen.

A perfect shot stopper and can distribute out from the back. A lack of water on the pitch might be a problem but our star striker can solve that problem - more on that later.

Defender - Hitmonlee

He’s got speed, he’s got grace, he will kick you in the face, he’s Hitmonlee.

Now that VAR is causing dodgy handball calls all over the shop, who else to sit in defence than a guy who is all legs? Plus he can hoof the ball right over Row Z.

Pacy winger - Scyther

Not only does Scyther have pace to burn, he can literally fly. Who else to cut in from the wings?

Plus any potential hardman full backs out there will be put off from sticking the boot in by the actual knives on his arms.

Target man - Blastoise

Everyone’s favourite starter Squirtle turned into a big daddy of the pitch. The Diego Costa of the Pokemon world, with Boris’ failed water cannons mounted on his shoulders.

With no over head height restrictions in Futsal, and a defence of Tentacruel and Hitmonlee, it makes perfect sense to play route one football. After all, Pokemon aren’t exactly known for their silky touch.

Not only is Blastoise an absolute unit, he can use those cannons to clear a path to goal for his strike partner, and keep Tentacruel moist in the process.

Aggressive striker - Primeape

The Jamie Vardy of Pokemon. Small, nimble, aggressive, and loves Blue WKD.

The lad will take absolutely no nonsense up front, Vinnie Jones couldn’t have him in a fight and he could beat Usain Bolt over 100m. There is no better technician or physical specimen to rival the might of Primeape. A true goal machine.