By Rebecca Hawksworth

Masters student Stephen Adkins has been using his free time to dabble into the world of journalism by writing for media outlet Fresh Press Media.

Fresh Press Media produces content for the website Read Sport. Stephen, who studies MSc Sport Management, saw an advert for the role of content creation intern at the company when it was advertised by the UCFB Employment & Enrichment team.

The role is a voluntary one with flexible hours, meaning that Stephen is able to work his internship around his degree.

Speaking about his role and what it entails, Stephen said: “I am given stories within the football industry to focus on and write up, such as news about transfers, starting line-ups, injuries and anything that’s in the headlines. I look into the stories using quotes from managers and players from various clubs to write compelling articles. I’ll create a headline and add pictures to the article too.”

He added: “The beauty of this work experience is that I can work from any location. The fact that hours are flexible and it’s a work from home type placement means that it fits around my studies and I can tailor each week so that both sides fit in with each other.”

As part of his work experience with Fresh Press Media, Stephen was granted the fantastic opportunity to go along to the Renaissance Hotel in Kings Cross and interview two former Arsenal legends in the form of David O’Leary and Alan Smith.

Asked how this incredible opportunity came about, Stephen said: “The content executive at Fresh Press Media sent a message out asking if anyone would be interested in interviewing some former Arsenal players for the upcoming documentary film ‘89’, which centres around Arsenal’s league title win. I jumped at the task! Having the opportunity to meet and interview players that I had grown up watching on TV was an absolute dream.”

With Stephen currently studying for his Masters, he went on to speak about his aspirations of one day becoming a chief executive or director of a club, and how he believes taking the opportunity to delve into a different aspect of the sports industry will help him to fulfil those goals.

He said: “I believe it’s vital to gain an understanding of every industry, particularly if a leadership role is something of interest as chances are you’ll be faced with someone or an issue that involves that industry, so having some background knowledge already can prove crucial.”

Finally, Stephen was asked to sum up how he felt his work experience with Fresh Press Media has gone so far:

“It has definitely been a positive experience which has given me an insight into the industries of media and journalism which I never had before. I have been able to take advantage of opportunities such as interviewing ex-footballers that wouldn’t be an option in other institutions.”