By Alicia Pryzsienak

This Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in what will be the first ever Super Bowl with an all-red matchup.

Ok, so a stat a little more relevant you ask? Well, this will only be the second ever Super Bowl between a team that led its conference in rushing yards and the other that led in passing yards. In case you had forgotten, Super Bowl VI in 1972 was the other – you're welcome. Throughout this season, the 49ers rushed for 2,305 yards, with the Chiefs gaining 4,498 sweet yards through the air.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have been accustomed to winning blow-outs and nail-biting games this season. In fact, they've been in every type of game imaginable. Even when the team is a bit flat, the 49ers always seem to find their feet, eve in the final seconds of the game. Their offensive unit is explosive, the defence is throttling and their special teams as solid as a rock. They complement each other in the most admirable way and I can't wait to see them perform in the biggest game of the year.

Yes, the 49ers are great, but there have been a few times where there have been some matchups exploited this season. Offences which are strong on the attack have been quite challenging for cornerback Richard Sherman to deal with at times, and teams with mobile quarterbacks have dominated the 49ers defence too. This is something to consider for San Francisco, as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had 53 rushing yards in each of his post-season games this year.

Kansas City Chiefs

With Mahomes, the Chiefs are confident of winning every game they play. The Chiefs record of 27-8 (27 wins, eight losses) with 'Patty Cakes' as their starting quarterback, is a commendable one. Those eight defeats amassed to a total of 36 points, and Mahomes has never lost a game by more than seven points. GAME CHANGER!

All eyes will be on him on Sunday – the Chiefs are full of offensive skill but are known to struggle when it comes to the red zone. During the regular season the Chiefs scored a touchdown on only 54% of their efforts inside the opponents 20. If they can't finish the drives and convert in the Super Bowl then it could be a massive issue for Mahomes and his team. The quarterback will be carrying the Chiefs on Sunday and if the team’s play complements his array of strengths, then they might just take home their first Vince Lombardi Trophy in 50 years.