No matter what aspect of sport you work within, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the industry like nothing ever before.

Sports clubs, brands and organisations far and wide have been forced to deal with the adversity of a devastating global pandemic, and as a result, the loss of various significant revenue streams and resources.

For New York Red Bulls’ Senior Director of Content and Communications Jayne Bussman-Wise though, COVID-19 has been an opportunity for her and her team to re-think and enhance their overall communication strategy.

Speaking to UCFB students as part of the recent New York Virtual Summit, she explained how the current situation has forced the club to improve in a number of different off-field areas.

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Jayne spoke about how the New York Red Bulls have adapted during COVID-19 at our recent New York Virtual Summit.

“In some ways being apart has really brought us together as an organisation,” she said.

“I think with our communication; it’s forced us to get better. Platforms like [Microsoft] Teams have made that possible, Slack we also utilise. So, it’s challenged us in a way to communicate even more effectively and efficiently.”

Like many others, the Red Bulls have adopted to the ‘new normal’ with ease, utilising the lockdown period to launch fresh projects and initiatives, something which Bussman-Wise says her team wouldn’t have been able to facilitate had 2020 been a regular MLS season.

Commenting on her team’s performance during the pandemic, she said: “We’ve been able to churn out some really interesting and fun creative pieces. We’ve been able to do stuff with our players that normally we would just never have the time to do. We’re doing a cooking class with Florian Valot where he’ll teach our Red Members how to make his favourite quiche. We’re also going to do a workout session with Tim Parker and his Bulldog Woody.

“We’re trying to think of really unique, creative ways to engage with our players, and keep our fans entertained, while everyone is staying home and staying safe.”