By Matthew Mountford-Brock

During his visit to UCFB to speak with students, Ross County manager Owen Coyle highlighted the importance of a formal education in football and how it can help a modern manager succeed.

Coyle enjoyed a 22-year career as a player in British football before going on to manage clubs including Burnley, Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers before landing his current role at Ross County in the Scottish Premier League.

Asked about the importance of a formal education offered by organisations such as UCFB, Coyle said: “Of course, I think that formal education could help you. I’ve always said, obviously, I was a player, but I think it’s very important and I say this to all the young players that come into our club, that they have that education. 

“That’s why a lot of clubs now actually marry education with the football coaching because not everyone can go on and be that professional player, but when you leave your club you leave a better person in terms of having that education behind you.”

Coyle, who was at UCFB Etihad Campus as part of the Executive Guest Speaker Series, agreed that an understanding of business is useful in the modern game, but was keen to pick out another particular trait which he would advise any young manager to have.

He said: “There are a host of qualities and attributes to be a modern day football manager because the game’s changed so much, but certainly you’re going to have to be very thick-skinned, in respect of everybody having an opinion, and obviously dealing with that”.

Coyle also took a moment to speak of the benefits that UCFB can provide to anyone studying at the institution.

He added: “I would suggest to anyone that’s thinking about coming to UCFB and of having a career in one of their pathways that it’s certainly something they should enrol in because it can only help them. It can only enhance their chances of having a great career.”