By Ryan Booth

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson is widely considered as one of the most experienced and successful managers involved in the game today. In a management career that has spanned over 40 years, the Crystal Palace boss has worked across six domestic leagues, along with spells in charge of four different national sides.

With over 700 games and 13 major honours to his name, Hodgson’s expertise is unquestionable.

In an exclusive interview with UCFB as part of the LMA Insight Series, the 72-year-old described the importance of managers gaining an education, as well as creating a good environment for their players to work in.

“I think education is crucial in so many walks of life, and even more so if you’re going to go into a walk of life where you’re educating and coaching players,” he explained.

Hodgson continued: “I would put it at the very, very top of the list; people getting a good education and remembering that education doesn’t necessarily stop when you walk away from your academy or your school. If you’re serious about your job and your profession, then your education never stops.”

Roy Hodgson spoke to UCFB as part of the LMA Insight Series.

Alongside furthering their experience through education, Hodgson went on to reveal that in order for coaches and managers to be successful, they must create a positive working environment to give their players the best possible chance of performing to their maximum levels. 

Hodgson said: “The first thing that’s very, very important is the environment; you need to create an environment which is conducive to learning and practicing your profession.”

The former Liverpool boss continued: “Basically, we want people to become better players, we want them to become better team players, and I think to do that you’ve got to make sure you create the right environment. I think that selling ideas, convincing players of the benefits of working in the way that you as a coach or manager like to work - I think that is very, very important.”

Hodgson concluded: “You need to make certain that when players come to work, they feel that they’re working in a respectful environment where the confidence you place in them, and the trust you place in them, is something you want them to reciprocate. The one thing about football coaching is that you need players that you can trust and rely upon.”