UCFB offers a number of unique scholarship opportunities to students of all abilities across a number of disciplines, with scholarships available based on academic and sporting achievements, as well as social mobility among other categories.

Elliott Jealous, a BA (Hons) Sports Business and Coaching student at UCFB Wembley, was awarded the Elite Athlete Scholarship for his professional career in Ultimate Frisbee. Here, he tells us about how the award has helped him, and shares his highlights from his time at UCFB so far.

How has the scholarship programme helped you so far in your BA (Hons) Sports Business and Coaching Programme?

The programme has helped me so far to complete my FA Level 1 coaching badge as it covered the costs of the course, as well as covering UCFB sports kit costs. Play has been temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus, so I have used the money in other ways to contribute towards useful things outside of my studies.

What made you decide to want to come to UCFB and apply for the scholarship?

UCFB was my first choice due to how unique it is. I’ve been really impressed with all that it has offered, and it has lived up to all expectations. I thought it was worth a shot in terms of applying for the scholarship, and was delighted when I found out I would receive it.

How has your time at UCFB been so far?

My time at UCFB so far has been great; I’m really enjoying the course, as well the opportunity to study inside Wembley Stadium. Most of my classes have been online, however the practical sessions at The Hive have been a great escape from that, as well as a great practical way of learning how to coach.

What aspects of UCFB have you enjoyed the most? 

The practical sessions have been my favourite part of UCFB so far. They are very unique and it’s great for it to be included in the course and not just as an extracurricular activity.

How are you balancing your studies and your Ultimate Frisbee career? 

So far, education has taken priority over playing Ultimate Frisbee. While playing for Great Britain I was in my final year of A Levels and I quickly learnt how to prioritise my time to fit it all in, as well as the importance of rest and sleep and ensuring that I was working hard academically and physically – but not at the expense of my physical or mental health.

My A Level results were very important, as without them I would not have had the opportunity to come to UCFB and create the future that I want. Ultimate Frisbee gave me a good release from school and everything else going on, so it never felt like extra work, but instead a good way of releasing stress while also striving towards the goals of competing at the European championships.

How did you get into Ultimate Frisbee and what is it you love about it?                                        

I got into the sport by stumbling across it online and fell in love with it straight away. I love how it involves so many different aspects that link to so many other sports. You have smart off-ball movements like football, quick turns and athletic players like NFL, and similar tactics used to basketball. It's a mix of all my favourite sports in one game!

What's the highlight of your sporting career so far?

I would say the highlight of my sporting career so far was representing Great Britain at world and European level. The European competition was my favourite, as we medalled that year.

Do you have any advice for students looking to come to UCFB, in particular those thinking of applying for a scholarship?

If sport is something you're passionate about, and you are serious about a career within it, I would definitely advise UCFB. The course content, locations, connections and all-round access are second to none. In terms of applying for a scholarship it is definitely worth a go, don’t discount or downplay your own abilities!