UCFB offers a number of unique scholarship opportunities to students of all abilities across a number of disciplines, with scholarships available based on academic and sporting achievements, as well as social mobility, among other categories.

Jessica Ann Ostle, a BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance student, was awarded the She Kicks Scholarship. Here, she tells us about how the award has helped her at UCFB, as well as detailing her time at UCFB so far.

How has the scholarship helped you so far?

The scholarship has helped me because I can now put it on my CV and will help me me when applying for jobs. The scholarship is also opening more doors and giving me more opportunities, particularly in football, that will help me during my career.

What made you decide to want to come to UCFB and apply for the scholarship?

I came to UCFB because I would love to work within the football industry and UCFB is the perfect institution for that. I feel that at other institutions I wouldn’t have as many opportunities to do work experience at football clubs so for me, it was a no brainer. I applied for this scholarship because I have experience in coaching both a ladies’ team and a girls’ U9s team, and I’m passionate about having more females playing football and working within the football industry.

How has your time at UCFB been so far?

My time at UCFB so far has been great. I’ve enjoyed learning about the football industry in more detail and seeing what happens behind the scenes at football clubs. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and my tutors are all really helpful and have helped me to settle in.

What aspects of UCFB have you enjoyed the most?

I have enjoyed the whole UCFB experience so far, however my favourite things are the various trips I have been on – for example FC United of Manchester. I have also enjoyed listening to the guest speakers that we have had and finding out about their journeys within the sports industry and how they got to where they are today.

Any advice for students looking to come to UCFB, in particular those looking for a scholarship?

My advice is go for it because it’s an incredible opportunity to learn about the football industry in more detail and get the experience which could be invaluable in the future. Another bit of advice is that you must work hard and do everything to the best of your ability, because you will only get out of it what you put in.