UCFB offers a number of unique scholarship opportunities to students of all abilities across a number of disciplines, with scholarships available based on academic and sporting achievements, as well as social mobility, among other categories.

Nathan Lucas, a BA (Hons) Football Business & Media student, was awarded the Philip Wilson Scholarship. Here, he tells us about how the award has helped him at UCFB, as well as detailing his time at UCFB so far.

How has the scholarship helped you so far?

Being awarded the scholarship has given me more belief in myself going into my studies. Having been out of full-time education for seven years it has been an adjustment having classes and assignments again, but knowing that UCFB can see my potential gives me that added confidence in myself as well.

What made you decide to want to come to UCFB and apply for the scholarship?

I spent nearly three years travelling and volunteering in Australia and Asia. My experience has been priceless and through it I’ve developed a new motivation that I didn’t have when I left high school in 2010. I had to fundraise which involved a lot of media and communication, which combined with football business, sounded like a perfect degree to study in London.

How has your time at UCFB been so far?

I’ve loved it. Meeting people from different cities and backgrounds, getting settled into life and work in Wembley and studying a subject I can really relate with. It’s been great so far and I’m excited for the next three years to see what else there is to experience.

What aspects of UCFB have you enjoyed most?

The guest speakers have been really insightful. Even if they’re not talking directly about what I’m studying, it’s great to hear from people within the football business industry that can give us motivation and answers. I’ve also loved the community feel in our accommodation. I’m very social so having a lot of people living close is perfect to settle into a new city.

Any advice for students looking to come to UCFB, in particular those thinking of applying for a scholarship?

It’s important to be passionate about what you do. If you’re searching for a course, look for something you know is worth waking up on a Monday morning to study. Like I said earlier, be confident in yourself; whether you have experience or not, if you have motivation and a desire to improve yourself you always have the potential that people are looking for.