Having a pie at the football is a tradition only rivalled by drinking Bovril and shouting at the referee.

Whether it’s meat and potato or chicken balti, everyone has a favourite half time snack. With this in mind, four UCFB Etihad Campus students have got together to seek out the best pie in the game.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pies – Anya Wood, Charlie Bamford, Jessica Mitchell and Katie Mullen – set up a blog at the beginning of their time at UCFB after being told by their lecturers it was a great way to show future employers examples of their work. Their mutual love of the popular pastry dish made choosing a blog topic easy, so along with their sport related studies it made perfect sense to travel the country and rate the quality of the pies in each stadium they visit.

So far the likes of Manchester City, Leicester City, and West Ham United have all had the Sisterhood treatment, as have Super League side Castleford Tigers and ice hockey favourites Manchester Storm.

As confirmation of their pie reviewing credentials, the Sisterhood were invited to be judges at the recent British Pie Awards in Melton Mowbray

Four months into their pie project, the girls already have a favourite: “The best pies we have ever tasted are probably from Manchester City. They have recently changed the pies and they are gorgeous! The fillings are perfect because they are full of meat and flavour. Plus, the pastry is perfect and the filling doesn’t give it a soggy bottom.”

The girls have big plans for the future of the blog and as well as visiting more stadia and reviewing more pies, they also like the idea of their own cookery show and cook book.

Being pie connoisseurs, we asked the Sisterhood what they think makes a good pie: “You need to get both the filling and the pastry equally perfect,” they said. “The filling needs to have the right amount of meat and the pastry has to be thick enough in the bottom to keep all the filling in, but not too hard.”