UCFB is full of students with diverse and interesting lives, hobbies and passions across both campuses in London and Manchester.

Among them is Niall Irwin, a BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching student at UCFB Wembley, who has followed in his family’s footsteps by becoming a championship winning stock car racing driver.

Niall started racing when he was 11, and after some gruelling race schedules, preparation and travel, it wasn’t long until he became SAA Junior Champion in 2012, his final year as a junior. The following season he moved up to the adult leagues and Niall has been there since, but unable to race as much as he’d like due to school and now UCFB commitments.

His love of racing comes from an early age and his family are a team of racers. Niall grew up watching his uncle, auntie and three cousins all racing. The family team name is Messer Motorsport – Niall’s racing name is Nephew Messer, as can be seen on his car.

As well as still hoping to make a career out of his racing post-UCFB, Niall also harbours ambitions to utilise his degree at UCFB with a career in football coaching. In his time so far at UCFB, Niall has gained vital work experience by spending two months in the United States coaching youngsters. Before he joined UCFB, Niall also got to spend time at the Red Bull F1 team factory where he was able to meet drivers Sebastian Vettel, below, and Mark Webber and ask them about what it takes to reach the top levels of professional sport. Vettel, then world champion, said: “Just never give up no matter the circumstance.”

Describing his passion, Niall said: “I knew from an early age that this is what I wanted to do and I worked very hard to be given the chance in the first place.”

He added: “Due to me starting UCFB and developing a football coaching career, my racing has been interrupted. I’ve tried different formulas and tracks to develop and test my skills but I would really like some consistency at a top level.

“The biggest goal I have is to achieve and make a career in racing, and I believe in having a great deal of ambition, motivation and determination to succeed.”

Motor racing doesn’t come cheap. Niall has set up a sponsorship page to help raise funds to allow him to continue to pursue his racing dreams. Among the sponsorship options includes your name or company name given pride of place on his vehicle.