Football Business & Media student, Alice Kelk embarked on her academic journey at UCFB in 2013 with aspirations to work in the media industry. This career focus and determination has driven Alice to take advantage of the unparalleled work experience and networking opportunities available at UCFB.

From the very beginning of her time at UCFB, Alice has maintained an interest in sport media through first completing work experience as a Press Officer at Notts County Football Club in her first year and then grasping an unprecedented opportunity to shadow sports presenters Jacqui Oatley and Rachel Brown-Finnis at BBC Sport during the broadcasting of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada. On her time working alongside UCFB Ambassador and former England footballer Rachel Brown-Finnis, Alice commented; “I loved every second and I am entirely grateful for Rachel Brown-Finnis and UCFB in helping me to get this special opportunity.”

Suffering from Myalgic Encephalopathy, more commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alice struggles immensely with fatigue, which in turn affects her concentration levels. Although a difficult condition, Alice has found life at UCFB much easier than at sixth form due to the outstanding work and commitment that the Student Services Team have provided. Senior Learning Support Mentor, Rachel Walker has worked with Alice from her first day at UCFB, providing support throughout lectures by sending the slides prior to the lecture rather than Alice writing the notes from the slides while fighting her concentration levels. Suitable provisions are also made during exam periods.

Top student, Alice is working towards a First Class Honours degree and is looking forward to her future within the sport industry. Having spent an exciting and rewarding summer coaching football in the US with Challenger Sports, Alice is keen to further her education with a Masters degree and then return to the US to pursue her career in sport.

“I chose UCFB because of the excellent and personal morals which they uphold in every sector of education, student life and student support.”