First year Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting student, Ariana started life at UCFB Wembley in September 2015 as part of the first cohort to study this degree subject within the iconic Wembley Stadium campus in London. This environment has proved a large motivating factor for Ariana, who indicated that studying in the lecture theatres and seminar rooms overlooking the hallowed Wembley turf is one of the highlights of studying at UCFB.

An avid football fan who also spent two years at ASC Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy in Barcelona, Ariana found it daunting at a school where few females shared her passion for sport and a subsequent career within the exciting multi-million pound global industry. It has therefore been refreshing to study amongst her peers at UCFB Wembley, with common-ground found with all fellow students.

During her time at UCFB, Ariana has visited Malaysia, where she used to live, in order to coach as part of the Little League Malaysia organisation. This experience in coaching children aged five to eight years old has been invaluable to her, providing an international insight into coaching strategies, and also allowing her to make an impact on the lives of the future generations of footballers. On this opportunity, Ariana commented: “it was interesting to coach the children and watch them grow to love a sport.”

Manchester United fan, Ariana has high ambitions for when she graduates. Her strongest interest lies within broadcasting and she aspires to become a presenter for Sky Sports. On her ultimate careers goals, Ariana would love to be able to present at the FIFA Ballon d’Or or for her club’s own TV channel, MUTV.

“It is good to dream high. You never know what can happen. I hope to be a presenter for Sky Sports.”