During her studies on the Football Business & Marketing degree, Chloe has been involved in a number of exciting events; positively utilising the networks and opportunities on offer at UCFB. Working within the commercial department of Burnley Football Club, Chloe gained an understanding of the time and dedication that goes into organising events and marketing activity; thus when she was provided with the chance to work for award-winning marketing and events agency, Journey9, she was not going to pass up such an amazing opportunity.

While working on behalf of Journey9, not only did Chloe support the coordination of the prestigious Northwest Football Awards, she also played an integral role in the management of a huge charity event at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester to raise money for the Manchester Centre for Children’s Vision. Chloe ensured that the event ran smoothly and successfully. Being part of such an inspirational event helped Chloe develop valuable skills in preparation, time-keeping and communication that she can continue to use long after her journey at UCFB.

As UCFB Future Women in Football Committee President, Chloe has used her event management skills to coordinate various functions and activities. Along with her fellow Committee members, Chloe has planned a number of events with great success, including a lavish, Casino Royale themed event held within Burnley Football Club.

More recently, Chloe spent her summer coaching young children across America. During her work placement, Chloe opted to coach 2-5 year olds, which was challenging and rewarding. Seeing the dramatic improvements in the children made the experience extremely fulfilling. In order to engage the youngsters at all the camps, Chloe often organised exciting and fun events to aid the children’s learning, ensuring they benefited from their coaching experiences.

In keeping with the World Cup theme throughout the summer, Chloe helped organise and run a ‘World Cup’ style mini tournament, which placed a relevant but enjoyable emphasis on the coaching programme. In the future, Chloe hopes to secure a position within a football club environment, working within a marketing department and coordinating events.

“Although I was sad to leave the US after an unforgettable summer, the trip was fantastic and provided some valuable experience which I could draw upon on my return to UCFB.”