By Amy Cutler 

Football Business & Media student Katie embarked on her journey at UCFB in September 2014. Since joining UCFB, Katie has secured work experience opportunities within the iconic Wembley Stadium, working within the operational areas of Club Wembley on a range of sports and entertainment events. These events have included the NFL International Series, world-class music concerts and both men’s and women’s England international football games. This has provided her with great opportunities to network within the industry, including with members of The Football Association.

In addition to her role at Club Wembley, Katie is also Vice President of the Students’ Union at UCFB Wembley; a role of which she is exceptionally proud and thoroughly enjoys. Katie’s responsibilities at the Students’ Union include organising events for the entire Wembley student cohort and encouraging the students to engage with their surroundings at Wembley Stadium and around London.

Through her role on the Students’ Union Katie has been able to apply the management, organisational and time-management skills that she has learned during her studies in Football Business & Media. Katie’s passion for the position derives from her determination to enhance the student life of all students at UCFB Wembley.

As one of the first students to study within Wembley Stadium, Katie feels extremely lucky and privileged. Katie finds that studying in this environment is inspirational and truly helps her to envisage her career pathway.

“Sitting in a lecture, looking out on the world-famous Wembley Stadium is the best motivation that you could ever wish for if football and sport is where you want to be.”