Despite admittedly struggling with a new currency at first, German student Martin has excelled during his time so far at UCFB Wembley.

As well as settling into London life, his time at UCFB has enabled Martin to undertake two unique work experience opportunities at the London Half Marathon at Wembley Stadium, and in Basel where he worked for UEFA as part of the Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla.

Martin found out about UCFB through an online article after deciding on a career change following five years working in a bank. Reading the article lead him to his decision to want to go into sport management and study at the word famous Wembley Stadium. “What UCFB offered just isn’t available in Germany,” he said.

After confirming his place at UCFB, Martin’s focus turned towards where he was going to live. On coming to UCFB Wembley for a taster day to experience life as a student at Wembley Stadium, he was shown the student accommodation. From there, the UCFB student liaison team helped Martin with the financial side of being an overseas student including paperwork and setting up a bank account with the systems being far different to Germany.

In his time at UCFB, Martin has joined a small group of other students in working with Wembley FC. Using their knowledge gained from UCFB studies, the group set up the club’s website and social media channels, and Martin is now using his past experience of finance to help the club.

“The main draw of coming here was the reputation of UCFB and the new campus at Wembley Stadium. I visited the website and saw the different programmes available and that was really appealing for me. What UCFB offered just isn’t available in Germany.”