By Amy Cutler

Mature student Saad Wadia began studying Football Business & Marketing at UCFB Wembley in September 2014. Saad came to UCFB looking at the industry from a fan perspective, but during his time studying at UCFB he has become able to look at the environment from a business point of view. Saad has developed an understanding of how important decisions are made by key stakeholders and how clubs are run on a daily basis. Saad believes that the environment studying within Wembley Stadium is one of the many highlights of UCFB, along with being able to network with many industry professionals.

Saad has fully immersed himself in life at UCFB, and was elected as the President of the Students’ Union in his first semester. His aim in this role is to maximise the enjoyment and enhance the experience of all UCFB Wembley students by organising events and building relationships with key establishments throughout the capital. The role has also afforded Saad the opportunity to meet his fellow students and thoroughly enjoy his time at UCFB.

During the NFL International Series held at Wembley Stadium, Saad made the most of his opportunity to go behind the scenes and network with the Dallas Cowboys’ PR Manager. He now plans to travel to Texas to undertake a work placement with the Cowboys.

Saad is a hard-working and passionate individual who is heavily involved in the sports industry outside of his education. In December 2014, Saad attended the Palace of Westminster, home of the UK Parliament, where he discussed the representation of minorities in sport.

Having taken the unique opportunity to discuss his plans and opportunities for the future with Philip Wilson, Saad is now determined to use his knowledge of British sport – in particular the English Premier League – and use that to progress football in India via advancements to the Indian Super League. With this in mind, Saad has already visited India and made connections with key personnel within the industry.

“The thought of Wembley being your home for the next three years is extremely exciting and motivating. I thought that after coming into Wembley Stadium every day, the effect would have worn off, but it honestly still amazes me every time I see it”.