Chinese student Zihang Jiang is enjoying life in London and UCFB Wembley as he studies the MSc Sport Management programme. Here he tells us what life as an international student is like at UCFB…

As an international student, what made you consider coming to and then choosing UCFB to study?

I am a big football fan and I was studying in the UK for four years before joining the MSc Sport Management programme, so choosing a footall business programme in the UK is the best choice for me. Wembley Stadium is famous around the world, so I know the chance to study in and around the venue would be one of the most unique experiences of my life. Most importantly, I want to work in the football industry, and an institution specialising in football business is unique in the world.

How have you found living in England, and in particular London?

I lived in Stratford-upon-Avon and Bristol before moving to London. Stratford is a small town with beautiful scenery, and Bristol is a stylish harbour city. British people are quite gentle and polite to me, and I can feel freedom living in the UK. London is the most international capital city in the world and at the centre of the football industry because so many football clubs are based here. I can feel the atmosphere everywhere in London and I really enjoy that.

What aspects of your degree programme have you enjoyed the most?

I really enjoy the Financial & Human Capital Management module as it combines the knowledge of finance, accounting and human resources with football, which is quite useful in the commercialised football industry. I also enjoy the opportunities I can get visiting different stadiums to watch how different clubs work. In addition, Dr Erkut Sögüt’s sports agent programme is very appealing for me, and gives us a chance to access a world class club’s daily life.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I would prefer to apply for a job in the UK if possible. However, I need to listen to my family’s opinion. I would also like to go back to China and possibly work in a football club. I have the base skills of economics, finance and accounting, so I would prefer to work within the finance team of a club. I also have a reform plan to improve Chinese clubs, and I hope I can get the chance to implement this in the future.

Is there any advice you’d give to fellow international students who are thinking of studying at UCFB?

I would advise fellow international students to attain a good level of English as it can really help you make a lot of friends here. Also, try to get some work experience in the sports industry beforehand as it will help you understand the degree programmes even more.