By Amy Cutler

This January, with the help of the Student Union, UCFB planned a Refreshers Week to kick start the New Year and offered UCFB students of all years the chance to relive the fun of Freshers 2014. A series of events took place throughout the week ranging from scavenger hunts to pub golf to a five-a-side charity football competition.  It was a fantastic way to begin semester two after a well-deserved break and the stresses of the exam period.

The week kicked off with a Refreshers fair at both campuses, where students had the opportunity to liaise with a variety of external clients offering employment, freebies and advice. The fairs across Wembley and Burnley reminded students of what the Student Union has to offer; providing everyone with the opportunity to speak to their SU President and another opportunity to join the various sports teams.

The Refreshers Week daytime programme was filled with a variety of exciting activities. Groups of students took part in a football scavenger hunt across London’s world-famous stadia, figuring out riddles and calculating the fastest route to tackle the tube in a fight to win first prize. Mid-way through the week, a 5-a-side football charity competition got underway at both campuses, with all the money donated to the winning teams’ charity of choice.

Refreshers Banner 2

UCFB Wembley students enjoyed a full day in central London, vising the capital’s famous National History Museum, Science Museum and the world’s greatest art and design museum; Victoria and Albert. UCFB Burnley students had an exhilarating go-karting experience at Burnley’s fastest track; Prestige Karting. Students took part in ‘Grand Prix’ racing against each other, showing off their best driving skills in hope of winning the final race.

On top of all that, the evening programme was equally as busy and exciting. Students from the Burnley campus travelled to Manchester and Preston for nights out, visiting regionally-renowned clubs Tiger Tiger and Evoke, whilst Wembley students sang their hearts out in the Karaoke bar.

Refreshers Week was a great success, demonstrating to students that even as they embark on the second half of the academic year, it’s never too late to get involved. It was a fantastic way for the students to reunite with their friends and take part in something new and exciting at the start of the New Year.