UCFB students are set to compete for the chance to be crowned eSports champion and win a £1,000 prize.

Students will go head-to-head on the popular video game to determine a champion from each campus, before the two winners face off in the hope of being named the inaugural UCFB FIFA champion.

The tournament will take place on March 20th and March 27th at UCFB Etihad Campus and UCFB Wembley respectively, and will be run by eSports experts Player 1 Events. Player 1 will be providing all the equipment on the day as well as registering participants. The winner of the UCFB Etihad Campus tournament will then travel to UCFB Wembley the following week to take on the London-based winner.

Commentating at both events will be UCFB’s very own eSports stars Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley (pictured below), students who have gained online fame in recent months after becoming the voice of the EA Sports game at tournaments around the world.

Brandon and Richard will be commentating at both UCFB eSports events

The group stages on each day will begin at 10.30am, and the event will be live streamed from the quarter-final stage to enable students not on campus to watch the action.

Keep an eye on UCFB’s Facebook channel at www.facebook.com/ucfb for further updates and to stream the tournament live.