UCFB and GIS are delighted to reveal that 94.3% of their 2021 graduates were in work or further education six to nine months after completing their undergraduate or Master’s degrees (UCFB internal Graduate Occupations Survey). The Universities UK survey for the same year found that the national average was 80%, in comparison.

Furthermore, 61.2% of alumni, or almost two thirds, are now working in the multi-billion pound football and sports industry. Several graduates, such as Maddison Taylor at Sky Sports, secure placements throughout their degree programmes which then progress into full-time roles upon finishing university.  

Last season alone, UCFB had alumni working at 19 of the 20 Premier League clubs – a figure which they’re hoping to improve upon this year. Beyond this, graduates work at 68 of the 92 EFL clubs, as well as the likes of Formula One, BBC Sport and even British Horseracing.

The industry-orientated degrees, ranging from sports business, media and marketing to coaching and management, are coupled with an extensive list of partners and an ever-growing industry network, ensuring that from the moment students step foot in either UCFB Wembley or UCFB Etihad Campus they’re thinking ahead and striving towards their career goals.

Formed at Burnley’s Turf Moor Stadium in 2011 as the world’s first football and sports university, with global hubs now in Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto and Melbourne, UCFB and GIS are continuing to grow and thrive, and are committed to creating the smoothest route into this dynamic, diverse and rewarding industry.

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