As part of our research series, we're showcasing some of the research projects produced by both UCFB students and staff members.

For her third-year research project, BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology graduate Isabel Woods investigated whether the motivational properties of a piece of music had an effect on pre-performance mood and 40-yard sprint times in American footballers in training.

Following the project, Isabel drew the following conclusion: 

  • Positive mood has been shown to interact with the music conditions.
  • Listening to no music prior to sprinting produces faster sprint times.
  • When a positive pre-sprint mood is accompanied with non-motivational music, slower sprint times are produced.
  • The use of synchronous, motivational music was not preferable.
  • The music type alone cannot influence sprint scores. Pre-sprint mood has no significant influence on sprint performance.
  • Highlights individual preference when listening to music in training.
  • Demonstrates a new knowledge that can help when choosing methods in training to aid sport performance.

Click here to view Isabel's full research poster.