Amongst UCFB’s first class of graduates in 2014, BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance graduate Rishi Bhawsar has excelled at the heart of the Marketing & Accounts team at Green 4 Solutions, the leading CRM provider to sports and leisure venues.

Having embraced the unique industry experience and work placement opportunities available throughout his time at UCFB, Rishi used his competitive advantage in the graduate marketplace to secure a much sought-after position in the sports industry. Here, Rishi answers a few questions about his life after UCFB and his tips for future graduates.

Congratulations on your new job Rishi. How did your degree, and other professional development that you undertook while at UCFB, help you to secure your role at Green 4 Solutions?

The relationships that UCFB have in and around the sports industry played a pivotal role in me being shortlisted for the role of Marketing & Account Executive at Green 4 Solutions. Having a degree that involves football business automatically catches the eye of many employers, in particular those that are heavily involved within the sports industry. It is a great conversation starter to have with employers.

What does your typical day at Green 4 Solutions involve?

My daily tasks tend to vary depending on what’s going on within the organisation. My main task on a daily basis is to create additional business for the company in the form of new clients. This means communicating and building relationships with people that work in both the sports and attractions industries.

In order to create new business I often attend meetings with potential clients, travelling up and down the UK putting together proposals for them and informing them of what Green 4 Solutions is all about. I have also hosted and attended several events, which is not only an excellent chance to demonstrate our system but also a really good chance to network with industry professionals.

What new skills and experience have you gained since graduating and securing your role at Green 4 Solutions?

One of the main skills that I have acquired since working at Green 4 Solutions is working with the CRM System that we use. I have quickly learnt that CRM and joined up technologies based on one platform is something that every club and attraction should at the very least consider, as they provide numerous benefits. Working here has helped me to build upon valuable skills such as teamworking, problem solving and project management that I had already begun to develop during my time at UCFB and in other work experience roles that UCFB helped to secure.

What do you enjoy most about your graduate role?

The best part of my role is that I’ve got the freedom to decide what career path I want to take. One of the main reasons for accepting this position was that senior management were extremely supportive and very clear on the idea of me finding a job role that suits me. As a graduate, I want to learn as much as I can, eventually specialising in what I feel most comfortable in and suited to.

If you could provide some advice to current students at UCFB on securing a job upon graduation, what would that be?

You must absolutely make the most of any placements that come your way at UCFB. As I have already learned, relationships that you build now will be extremely important and useful for future business. This is especially evident within the sport industry as it is a good way to get noticed and network with people that you may need help and advice from in the future.