UCFB is delighted to present its new inspirational television advert featuring Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche.

Shot on location over two days at Turf Moor and Barnfield Training Centre, the advert paints a picture of what working in the sports industry is like on a daily basis.

Accompanied by cutaways of his team in training and of UCFB graduates in their place of work, the film follows Dyche from Barnfield to Turf Moor, via a press conference, stadium tunnel and dug out – highlighting a typical match day for the Premier League manager.

Sting were the production company tasked by UCFB with creating the advert. The advert shows the excitement and opportunities available to those aspiring to work in the worldwide sports industry.

The filming saw UCFB return to its roots and where the institution was born six years ago. The institution now partners with Burnley FC in the Community and Nelson and Colne College in offering BTEC provision within the stadium.

Sting’s Nicole Streak, the executive producer of the advert, said: “The UCFB audience is young, so we knew they had to be inspired and excited by this commercial. So rather than making it an obvious ‘come to UCFB, this is what we do here’ production, it was about the bigger picture.”

She added: “We were lucky enough to get access to Sean, so the whole point was to encapsulate his life and to show how exciting it is. To show his thoughts, his dreams, his aspirations. Ultimately, he’s a leader and he’s inspiring, so if you can tell just a bit of his story in this commercial then you can tell someone that this is the world they want to live in and UCFB is where they want to study.”

UCFB’s head of global marketing, James McKeown, added: “Following the launch of UCFB in 2011, we now have hundreds of graduates thriving in the sports industry in careers that they dreamed of when they were younger. With this TV advert, and with our other marketing channels, we want to communicate the excitement and emotion of working in the best business in the world.

“We strongly believe that UCFB is the best route to get students to where they want to be in the sports industry, and hope that this inspires the next generation to follow their dreams of working in the most exciting sector there is.”