It was Camp Nou calling for two UCFB media students, who put their degrees to the test as press liaisons at the biggest football medicine event that’s ever been held…

Blue skies, sandy beaches and warm sunshine. When it comes to offering students unique work experience opportunities with the world’s leading organisations, UCFB likes to deliver.

But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all one big jolly and five-a-side in the sun. The nature of 21st century football and sport is that it is truly global, so it’s vital that those who aspire to work in these industries have a firm grasp and understanding of how practitioners from around the world operate.

Previous years have seen UCFB students work with football clubs in Brazil, youth camps in America and tournament organisers in Hong Kong. Now to add to this exciting list students Benedikt Neumeier and Albert Bassols flew to Barcelona to participate in a special football medicine event.

Attending The Future of Football Medicine conference at the world famous Camp Nou, the pair acted as press liaisons for event organiser and long-time UCFB partner Isokinetic Medical Group, a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

The event was attended by some of the world’s top medical institutions, as well as over 100 football clubs and thousands of dignitaries from the world of medicine and sport.

With so many distinguished and experienced names in attendance, the event was the perfect opportunity for Albert and Benedikt to network and make future contacts.

“The event was a lot of fun and a great experience,” says Benedikt, a BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting student. “Meeting and being among so many professionals from in and around football from all over the world felt very rewarding. To talk to them, get to know them and first of all introduce myself was a valuable opportunity.”

For Albert, a Barcelona fan and BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing student, the event experience was also extremely helpful: “It was great to see first-hand how a three-day congress is organised and how the partnership between FC Barcelona and Isokinetic was put into practice.”

UCFB and Isokinetic have been working together for a number of years. While students are able to gain valuable experiences and industry lessons from one of the world’s leading sport medical groups, Isokinetic are able to strengthen their workforce with knowledgeable, passionate and eager individuals.

That’s why managing director Mike Davison and the rest of his team continually request the assistance of UCFB’s Complementary Curriculum and Employability team to provide them with students to assist at some of their biggest events.

Mike said: “We’ve worked with UCFB for a number of years now. Like previous UCFB students we’ve had come to work for us, Albert and Benedikt were engaged in their work and willing to go the extra mile in their roles with no task too much trouble. It’s because of this we continue to work with UCFB and their dedicated, driven students.”

For Benedikt and Albert, the event will now sit proudly on their CV as they progress through UCFB before looking for full time work upon graduation.

As for Mike, he’s sure to be back in contact with UCFB again very soon for help with more student assistance.

“The service provided by the Complementary Curriculum and Employability team has never been anything but exemplary,” he says. “The communication with students has been great and ensured we get the perfect candidate each time to enable us to carry on with our daily jobs.”