This summer saw the formation of a UCFB Staff and Student Ladies’ Rounders Team, coached by former England and Everton Goalkeeper and UCFB Ambassador, Rachel Brown-Finnis, as part of the Health & Wellbeing initiative at UCFB Burnley.

The formation of the UCFB Rounders team was a fantastic success in many ways, enabling players to get fit, make friends, strengthen relationships across departments and experience what it felt like to be part of a leading sports organisation. The Rounders Team also added to the comprehensive array of high-level and social sports available to students studying at UCFB such as football, futsal, basketball, badminton and netball.

It was a mixed start but by the end of the season the team and its individuals had all grown and improved dramatically, even winning an award at the annual Rounders Presentation Night in Burnley. After a successful season, there is talk of entering the Summer League again next year and details of how to join will be communicated nearer the time.

UCFB Ladies’ Rounders Coach and BBC Sport broadcaster, Rachel Brown-Finnis commented on the team’s success:

“I am so proud of what all the ladies have achieved throughout this season. From not understanding the rules at the beginning of the season to winning a special award at the end of the season is just phenomenal and something that all the ladies should be really proud of.

“For me as a coach and for the players it was trying at times, nevertheless, through all the adverse weather conditions at Towneley Park, we managed to play every single game and come out stronger at the end. I would like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who not only participated throughout the season but to those who came and supported us every single week.”

Getin2Rounders is supported by funding from Rounders England, to increase and sustain participation in Rounders within the UK.