UCFB Wembley academic Dr. Vince Hooper is a regular contributor to media around the world on issues of economic and political importance, and is ranked among the top 200 academics worldwide for international finance. Below, we’ve shared some of his most recent publications concentrating on the decline of globalisation, the economic outlook for a turbulent South America, and what needs to be done to appease the UK and European Union in the ongoing Brexit negotiation talks.

Pendulum Swing from Globalisation to Protectionism?

In his article titled Pendulum Swing from Globalisation to Protectionism?, Dr. Hooper suggests globalisation is on the retreat and that we’re now entering a period of socialism and protectionism, citing President Donald Trump’s current foreign policy moves and dismissive attitude towards global climate agreements as major factors. He argues that globalisation’s “retreat” began with the Asian financial market crash in 1997 and has never fully recovered, with the 2007 global financial crisis and 2011 Greek crisis following soon after.

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South America: Political Instability and Impending Crisis?

The immediate outlook for South America’s economy is not a positive one, with political instability in the region cited as a major factor in Dr. Hooper’s article South America: Political Instability and Impending Crisis? Though recognising South America’s financial problems have been exacerbated by the United States and International Monetary Fund, political trauma like that seen in Venezuela – it’s continental neighbours have suspended the country from the South American trading bloc Mercosur – is affecting the whole region. Dr. Hooper adds that with weak commodity prices and the slow-down of Chinese markets, a “major economic and financial meltdown” could be just around the corner.

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A Brexit World? EU plus One

Nothing has dominated British politics over the last 18 months more than Brexit, including the snap General Election earlier this year. In his article A Brexit World? EU plus One, Dr. Hooper suggests that the under pressure Prime Minister, Theresa May, is the best person to deliver a Brexit deal that will benefit the UK and remaining European Union members – the EU +1. He discusses how an EU +1 format could be stronger than the current set up, and that both sides of the negotiating table need to create a framework based on long-termism and flexibility that can ultimately build a more robust partnership.

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