By Rebecca Hawksworth

“Get your foot in the door” is what UCFB students are told by academics when advised to take on work experience, because it could lead directly to a job.

That’s exactly what happened to Liverpool fan and BA (Hons) Football Business & Media student Ross Chandley. During his first year at UCFB, Ross took on a work experience role at The Redmen TV, a Liverpool fan channel. Now into the second year of his degree, Ross is juggling his education with a part-time job working for the channel after his successful work placement lead to him being offered a paid role.


YouTube video

Explaining what his initial work placement involved and how it led to him being employed by the company, Ross said: “With my original placement I had to plan a social media strategy for the channel and change the way it had previously been run. This included looking at other competitors, what they did and what worked for them. There was also a marketing aspect to my placement which involved reaching out to potential partners. This eventually led to a paid role.”

Now a vital member of The Redmen TV team, Ross’ role has changed since, as have the duties he now carries out. He said: “I run all of the social media platforms and have about ten people who write articles for me, which I edit and upload to the website. I also have my own show which I write and edit as well as having to liaise with marketing companies.”

Ross added: “I also frequently attend media events on behalf of the show, which is great because it gives me the opportunity to be on the frontline of the media and meet current and ex-Liverpool players.”

Ross with Sky Sports’ Geoff Shreeves at Anfield

His job with The Redmen TV ties in nicely with Ross’ degree programme at UCFB and means that he has already got his foot in the door of the sports media industry.

Asked how his job is helping him with his degree as well as helping him on a personal level, Ross said: “We are currently doing a TV module on my course and if I hadn’t been given the chance to have my own show at The Redmen TV I’d be pretty stuck. I’ve developed my social media, video editing and Photoshop skills and have been able to apply them to various modules at UCFB.

“I’d also say that my confidence has escalated; that’s come from talking to partners, fans and people within the industry. My network has grown significantly since starting.”

Ross ended by praising the career opportunity that The Redmen TV has given him. He said: “This is by far the best job I’ve ever had. From the outside it looks a laugh and a joke but the work that everybody puts in is ridiculous. You don’t appreciate it until you are here. I love working but to be in this environment, talking about the club I love is a dream. The opportunities in and outside the office are probably my favourite aspect.”

He added: “With the working environment I find myself in, I count myself really lucky. It has been life changing for me. What was at first a dream when I started UCFB has now become a reality. Hopefully after graduating I will be able to work full time for them.”