UCFB Etihad Campus student Callum Aris recently took on the challenge to run the world famous London Marathon to raise money for CLIC Sargent. Callum, who studies BA (Hons) Physical Education, ran the 26.2mile route in a rather interesting outfit too. Read his words below to find out how he got on…

I decided to run the London Marathon as a personal challenge as it’s always been something that I wanted to achieve. So as soon as I turned 18 I knew I was going to be applying to race, and I was always adamant it had to be London due to the fantastic atmosphere and spirit of London which gives you that second wind around the course.

I ran for CLIC Sargent as I came across the amazing work they do supporting young children with cancer and their parents, making the treatment more bearable for them, so I was delighted to raise over £1,700 in donations.

Race day was extremely difficult with the sweltering record temperature of 24 degrees, which sounds good but not for 26.2 miles! My Donald Trump costume made for an uncomfortable few hours, but it did attract attention from the brilliant crowd and they didn’t stop cheering my name, which was on my vest, from start to finish. They were also handing out sweets, extra drinks and creating an electric atmosphere emphasising the marathon’s slogan #TheSpiritOfLondon.

Although at times it got tough, the motivation was the donations I’d received and the thoughts of all those children who are battling with much worse conditions. I finished the marathon in just under six hours, recording a time of 5:54:23.

I’ve entered the ballot again for next year’s race and can’t wait to get going again and raise even more money.