BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing student Daniel Morris recently brushed shoulders with renowned sports stars and actors in his exciting role coordinating the celebrity endorsement programme at pioneering health and wellness equipment specialist, Performance Health Systems Global.

Throughout his two years at UCFB, Daniel has added some amazing experience to his CV through UCFB’s professional networks, which ultimately assisted him in securing this particular internship. Specialising in delivering advanced technology solutions to the world through its health and wellness equipment, PHSGlobal is responsible for the incredibly successful Power Plate, the global leader in whole body vibration training.

As Marketing Intern, Daniel was able to work across a range of departments on some extremely exciting projects. He played a key role in the creation of various EMEA databases which represented the different markets that PHSGlobal targets, including corporate wellness and active ageing. He liaised with teams on an international scale, working with the Marketing departments in Chicago and California to measure progress on the planned marketing objectives and strategies set by the organisation.

Daniel’s personal highlight while working at PHSGlobal was being in charge of the creation of a celebrity database and PDF, which allowed all employees access to an up-to-date array of names, contact details and expiration dates. Able to work with high profile clientele ranging from sports stars to actors and actresses, Daniel was provided an unparalleled insight into the complex legal aspects of product endorsement in modern marketing.

Reflecting on what he saw as fantastic experience, he commented:

The internship at PHSGlobal has flown by and has opened my eyes to a new industry that I would previously not have envisaged working in. Having been able to work for an organisation with such well-known brands and a substantial audience was a unique experience for me. Working with such a talented team and under the tutorage of Marketing Manager, Camille Addo was exceptional and something that I hope to do again at a later date.”