Following a year of meticulous planning, research and writing, third year students at UCFB can finally celebrate their dissertation hand-ins – taking them one step closer to graduating this summer.

From football’s role in the community to the marketing power of players, a huge variety of topics have been intricately explored and evaluated by students despite the unprecedented challenges faced due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Grace Scott, a BA (Hons) Football Business & Media student, based her thesis on a topic close to her heart – Maidenhead United’s 150th Anniversary, which took place earlier this year. Having worked as Media Officer at the National League club for almost three years, focussing on Maidenhead seemed to be the only viable option for the UCFB Wembley student.

Explaining her decision, Grace said: “I have a very strong passion for non-league and lower league football, so it was a no brainer to focus on the club I work for. I chose to research how Maidenhead United interacts with businesses and its local community whilst celebrating their 150th anniversary.  I’m really pleased with my work and put a lot of time into making sure I portrayed my love for the club and topic throughout.”

She added: “The help of my supervisor, Shana, was huge; she supported me through the whole process.”

Student Steve Willis, however, admits the decision-making process behind his dissertation was far more spontaneous. The BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing student found a niche focal point within one of his marketing modules, so decided to pursue this.

Steve said: “One topic in my degree that really interested me was the use of footballers endorsing products, and after much consideration I decided to do my dissertation on this! I ended up focussing on the effects they can have on what consumers choose to buy.”

He added: “After submitting my dissertation, I felt a huge sense of relief and pride of what I have achieved during my time at UCFB. All I can think about now is gaining a marketing role within the sports industry!”

All at UCFB wish huge congratulations to all students who submitted their dissertation this year.