UCFB is delighted to announce the 2018/19 Students’ Union Executive Committee for each of its iconic campuses.

Following a vote among students at UCFB Wembley and UCFB Etihad Campus, the following students have been elected to their respective roles:

UCFB Wembley

Brandon Morgan – President
Jordan Clements – Education Officer
Grace Walker – Activities Officer
Ollie Morris – Inclusion Officer
Sam Draper – Athletic Union Officer

UCFB Etihad Campus

Matthew Gherardi – President
Anca-Maria Gherghel – Vice President
Leo Healy – Education Officer
Eleanor Harris – Activities Officer
Nathan Reed – Inclusion Officer

Etihad chat: Anca-Maria Gherghel, left, and Leo Healy

The newly elected Executive Committee will serve for the current academic year as representatives of the student body at each campus, and will highlight any issues, concerns and ideas students have on life – from social events to activities away from campus – at UCFB to staff and academics.

Upon his appointment, UCFB Etihad Campus President, Matthew, said: “We meet on a Tuesday and discuss issues that students present to us and try to resolve these to make student life here at UCFB more enjoyable. My goal is that every single person at this campus knows at least one person on the executive council.”

UCFB Etihad Campus President Matthew Gherardi