By Joe Moreton

This Autumn, as part of our Outdoor Education module, UCFB’s Physical Education students along with members of staff from the Wembley and Etihad campuses took part in an unforgettable residential trip to the Lake District.

Arriving in Oxenholme on the train, we met our host Tom from WAKTU in the picturesque setting of the Southern Lakes. WAKTU is an elite training camp used by the likes of Manchester United Football club and other elite sports teams and individuals.



The trip involved stepping out of your comfort zone and taking part in a number of exciting and adrenaline fueled outdoor activities. There was an emphasis on developing mindset and transferrable skills in a dynamic and challenging environment.

Students were able to learn from skilled, experienced outdoor instructors. The WAKTU staff delivered inspirational talks based on their own incredible journeys, making relatable links to the situations and challenges our students may face in the real world.

Everyone felt challenged but supported by those around them in an awe-inspiring natural setting. We left with a positive feeling that we all achieved something together and bonded as a group.

As well as having an incredibly positive experience, our Physical Education students also have something unique to put on their CV’s. We hope the students have been inspired by what they have learnt from the WAKTU training camp and go on to be ambassadors for Outdoor Education in their future roles and careers.